I was feeling old school and I decided to bring out my old nes and play a game that really loved then Destiny of an Emperor.

Destiny of an Emperor is old NES RPG game (made in 1989) that is based on the Romance of three kingdoms novel.


It’s not the actual story of the Luo Guanzhong’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel since you control Liu Bei and is general and you can actually take down the Wu and wei Kingdom.


So for you fan of Clash of Kingdom and Three kingdom online, I think you will love that game. You will see all the good old general from the Three kingdom Area.


I don’t know if I’m going to write about it but if you want to check some walkthrough you can check lord Yuan Shu site for there review and walkthrough of the game :

Lord yuan shu site:http://www.lordyuanshu.com/category/destiny-of-an-emperor

You can find the game and walkthrough on Kongming site:http://kongming.net/doae/

I’m laughing myself out right now because of Peng Guo awesome Three Kingdom comics. Read this one and click on it for his main site


Peng Guo created this web comic about the story of the three kingdom but on is own view. Zhang Fei like Mc Donald, Cao Cao have a duck hat and the Red Hare is a red hare… Some might be a little offensive or be NSFW but there are all awesome.

Check these out, click on the image for the main site.

image liubei-zhangfei

xia hou lubu

I noticed that there not much information about how to obtain Epic heroes so I build up a quick guide from what I found on the web (mostly on the TKO forum)

Heroes summits

The easiest way to get heroes is probably with the heroes summits.

First you get a level one Liu Bei/Sun Quan/Cao Cao once you get a level 9 resources fields, which is great since they have farm (increase you food output by 25%) this will help you create a super capital if you followed my guide on how to build a city of 15 slot of food or even 18 slot of food.

The heroes you get depend on your kingdom (most of them lv1):
For Shu: Liu Bei,
one of those 3 one star heroes: Liu Feng, Wang Ping, Huang Chengyan
one of those 2 two star heroes: Ma Dai, Jiang Wei
And when you have 14 cities:     Guan yu (lv 100)
For other kingdom it the same here the heroes I got with my other account:
Wei: Cao Cao, Xian hou Dun, Wei Xu, Dian Wei (lv 100)
Wu: Sun Quan, Zhou yu(lv100), Gan Ning, Meng Huo

hero's summit

Hermit house

hermit house
You can recruit Epic heroes at the hermit house, it might seem a bit more complicated than the Heroes summits but once you know it actually easier since it doesn’t require to do much.
First go in your quest tab then select Hermit house


Do all the quest you can to have flag for different faction
the easiest are probably using the forge and battle arena, the other quest you need to to have stell ship for another quest (you get this from disenchanting item in the forge) and the last quest is to hunt and win vs a escort guardian.

Once you got all the you need for a specific hero you can challenge him, if your hero win you get the heroes at level one, you can recruit up to 5 epic heroes that way.

More on Hermit house  & Heroes summits


If you are wondering which hero to chose I would suggest to take the hero that will have farm has a middle skill. There actually 2 heroes that have farm : Zhang  Cheng(farm 9%) and Liao Hua (7%) . I think Zhang  Cheng is a must since he have 73 of politic too, making him a excellent governor.

If you want the list of all the heroes in the hermit house you can look at that thread.

Career Center

The good old career center can give you epic heroes too but that require you to pay gold.
There 3 way to recruit

career center

Wandering heroes
It is said that some time the are heroes that appear in the wandering section of the career center, however this only happen in capital city.
Note is happened once that Koram made a special event and there are wandering heroes in your city that you can hire for gold, it usually a ton of gold (like 2k…) so it’s not the most cost effective way to recruit.

Basic search (1gold)
Probably the most cost effective way to search but each search have low chance of giving an epic compare to the advance search, you can have an epic if your lucky according to these link below but I personally never got anything via that search. Weirdly I never got any epic with this using gift voucher.

Advance search (10/50 gold)
Most who have tried it don’t recommend the 50 gold search, some tried it once and regret it.
Save gold by doing 10 gold searches rather than 50’s.

Note that for all the search increasing your court rank helps to have more epic heroes in your Career center.

Even to Count / Duke will help your chances more.
If you really pump money in and get to Infante or above then roll the 50g searches as these will produce more.

You can get more info on the forum here, here and here.

Note that advance search even have complaints.

Escort guardian


This is another great free way to have epic heroes, but the ode a super sucky
I fortunately got a lot of good heroes with this and what really cool is that they arrive level 100.
So far from that I got Zhang Bao, Guan Xing, Zhao Tong, Li feng, Wen Yang, Jiang Ji and Yan Yu.

I do about 8-10 escort guardian a day and it happen around every month or so that I get a Epic so you do the math 🙂

Epic soul

This is not really a great way to have heroes but if you need to attack and have  extra heroes for you coalition or to defend or to grab a oasis from another player, soul are a great way to do that.
It can be a way to defend your city and protect your real heroes while will you getting attack too.
They are unfortunately gone after a certain amount of time (usually 6hr, it’s written beside the soul name)

Other ways

Special event: Black flag camp

There use to be a special event call the Black flag camp where you can get a heroes if you manage to destroy all the troop in the camp and have a special item in your inventory (Intelligence letter).
The heroes guarding the camps are Pang tong, Taishi Ci and Yan Liang.
The camp require massive amount of troops to kill and there only a 50% chance of having the hero but in all case your league will receive a prize even if you don’t get the hero.
More info on this in the forum.

If you know any other way to recruit epic please let me know, I’ll try to keep the list up to date.



Being a huge fan of the romance of the three kingdom series and destiny of an emperor I though I was going to re-live these amazing game here.

It’s actually not really like them but the game still bring element of this romanticized period of Chinese history.

Brief historical setting :

During that period, China was divided into three kingdoms and they fought one another to unify the country. The Three Kingdoms period (169-280AD) was a time of war, alliance, treason and great heroes that has inspired historian, literature and gamers. The book The Romance of Three Kingdoms was publish in the 14th century has turned this part of Chinese history into the most famous piece of literature. Countless game brought this period to life has well and Three Kingdoms Online is one of the latest installment.

The Game

The Basic

If you familiar to tribal war or travian you probably already know how it work.
At the beginning your are given the choice of one of the three kingdoms and where to start. Each kingdom have there own units and advantage and disadvantage.

Shu : By far the most aggressive kingdom, since his main advantage come from attacking other player. Shu have the ability to plunder more than the other kingdoms by reducing the hidden warehouse effect by half and their units are much cheaper and faster to recruit than the other kingdoms. The draw back it’s that their units are usually weaker in defense and shu wall his easier to destroy.

Wu : Know for is defensive stance wu advantage come from is wall which is the hardest to bring down and there hidden cache that holds twice the number of resources it usually hold. They have the fastest unit in the game which make them good to send quikly support.

Wei : The more balance of the three kingdom, their units are more powerful than the other but also more expensive. Their other advantage is that, they can build a building and develop a resources field a the same time which really give an edge later in the game.

Your city

Like many real-time strategy game of the same genre, the player has to harvest resources by building resource gathering buildings outside is city and he can build buildings inside your city which you can recruit troop, research technologies, command your troop and much more.

While managing and balance between resources, infrastructure building and military development you will have to wait until it’s done so you probably can go do something else and you come back later when your building is completed you have enough resources.


One of the innovation that three kingdoms online bring to the table, is that you can recruit heroes. (note that tribal war do have the paladin but the heroes system is more elaborate that the former) These heroes can help you perform task, increase the viability of your city and increase the power of your army.


Another interesting feature that in 3ko is that you can be rewarded for doing quest. Some of them act has a guide and tutorial to the game and give you extra money or item for doing them. While others raise your nobility rank and increase your reputation to the faction of the three kingdom

My personal opinion about the game

What I really like in the this game is that they gave each of the three kingdom unique abilities and  units. Because of that, you may change how you play when you’re using another kingdom. Like shu basic units tend to use a lot of wood but wei tend to use a lot of iron, shu unit are way cheaper than wei too.

The heroes are pretty neat, even if sometime I found myself wasting my time trying to send them all to scrimmage, duel and faction quest so they can level up.

They increase the effectiveness of your troop, increase the output of your resources fields. And you can do side challenge with them like the grand melee or the faction quest.

There stuffs that annoy me in this game though.

Having to plunder every morning and every night because I don’t have enough food for my armies make me really sick, especially that when I wake up at 7h00(EST) there a server maintenance, so I have to wait until it’s 7h30. Another thing that annoy me, is that there so much to do in this game that it takes so much time when you play, plundering can sometime take half a hour and you have to come back two hr later to do another round, leveling your heroes, managing your league. Note that can be perceive has a good point but to much of the same thing is not fun.

Another thing might be annoying, too much stuff to buy in the mall and all the items there are overprice. Seriously did anybody bought a styrax bolus for 799 gold when it just an item to activate the third ability slot of ONE hero ! At 4.99$ for 55 gold, each stylax bolus cost about 72$, I’ll rather buy a PlayStation or X-box game for that amount of money.

Finally I really like the game but I don’t if I’ll stick to it for more than a few month. I don’t have enough time to maintain my self to the level other are going.