Crusader Kings II

If you liked my Crusader King 2 review back in 2016 and you want to play it for peanuts with a good DLC (the old gods to boot, the best CK2 dlc) and want an extra 7 with it (6 if you pay just above the average) this bundle is for you.

For a mere $1 you get Cities in Motion, Magicka 2, and the Majesty 2 Collection.

Paying more than the average adds the marvelous Crusader Kings 2 with The Old Gods DLC to the package,  Pillars of Eternity, Europa Universalis 3 Complete Edition, and the Hearts of Iron 3 Collection.

Ok Europa Universalis & Hearts of Iron are at their 4th installment and the bundle only give the 3rd which make it a little disappointing since I really wanted the 4th edition of Hearts of Iron. But, hey, you pay like 1,50$ for each game so don’t has for too much. Considering I’’ve poured 50$ in DLC for Europa Universalis IV and Crusader king 2 each this bundle is a bargain.

And if you pay 12$ you get the one most recent game of the list (2016) Stellaris with a staggering 8 major update. If you like strategy game in space that one is for you.

It’s a really cool bundle even though some of the game are really old.

Give it a try by checking the The Humble Paradox Bundle 2018 on the humble bundle site.

I don’t even get commission so trust me on the one. I’ve referred so much humble bundle maybe I should check if they have affiliate link or something.

Pier Solar

if you miss those old school 16-bit era RPG, Lufia and the one alike, well Pier Solar is a game for you.
The game is available on Playstation 3 & 4, steam and the ouya. If PC is your thing the game is available on Linux, window or Mac too. If you want to get an idea of the games visual and music check out this promotional trailer:


Pier Solar and the great Architects (indiegames)


8 Bits Fun

Oh 8 bit is more of your thing. Fear not the recent NES JAM gave birth to a dozen of nice 8-bit gem (and other not that much of a gem)

Super Cell Dungeon

One of the notable entry is Super Cell Dungeon, Super Cell Dungeon developed by a multi-talented team and a recent #NESJAM entry, is a NES inspired clone of Super Crate Box that can be played in a two player team.

Lognes Island

A actually really nice teaser of a game a developer is thinking about doing. You play a mega man like character lost on an island. You have to search the island for power up like a blaster and double jump. Once you found the boss for the first level the teaser is done. Check the dev on twitter and ask him to do more.

Gracie & Mike – Interstellar Mercenary Exterminators

A Co-op Contra but in split screen is probably the best way to describe this game. You can only play 2 players or 1 player control 2 players. The game can be played on xbox and ps3 controllers or with the keyboard.


This one is kind of weird there a bunch of guy hitting you but you don’t seem to lose health. You can hit them with Z and they get thrown into the sky with a single punch.


NESJAM – Lots of great games in a NES flavour

Nes Jam (

Archeomania  – A Tetris look alike where you save the princess

Another nice puzzle game in 8-bit greatly inspired by Tetris. You get the bloc similar to Tetris but instead of pilling them to make more point when you clear them out, you need to clear the line to save the green girl. Once you clear all the line under her you save her, they’re spike that slowly move toward you, if they manage to hit the princess before you clear all the block under her, she done and it’s game over for you.

Archeomania Tetris


Brilliant Tetris Plus inspired ZX Spectrum remake (indieretronews)

The Cave of Atman

The Cave of Atman

The Cave of Atman is a puzzle with a RPG twist on it. Each class attack differently and they level up by killing the aura of the defeated enemies.

The game play is quite simple and the puzzle are really easy at the beginning, but it’s get harder has you progress. But fear not new class join your quest with new attack and range. Classes like the mage or archer can execute ranged attacks, while fighters are only able to strike at adversaries that are adjacent to them. Note that they all of them can only move and strike once per level. If you’ve made a mistake, you can click on the last action and it will reset it, in some case you need to use the retry button and reset the room for another try.

Play The Cave of Atman


Browser Pick : The Cave of Atman (

Crystal story II

Crystal Story II is the sequel of Crystal Story and you can play both on Kongregates. While you might think that the mechanic are somewhat déjà vu, it will definitely bring you back the memory of you good NES and SNES RPG. It was design and code by Emmanuel Salva Cruz and he had a team of artists and musicians for the graphic and music.

Play Crystal story II

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Hypnotic Owl’s The Wizard

In The Wizard, the player takes on the role of a wizard who is on a quest to retrieve his face from the thief that just stole it.  Unlike the The Cave of Atman the RPG element is more omnipresent. Fear not each level are carefully design to make you think and everything is turn base.

Play The Wizard

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Twin Tale of Sun and Sword

One day, a girl was on her way to school and found herself transported to another world and now she was asked to save that world.

The Twin Tale of Sun and Sword is  a Japanese browser game where everything is in English and focus primarily on preparing the heroine to fight and the actual fighting.

Here the translation for the HUD.

Twin Tale of Sun and Sword HUD

Hope you enjoy it, it’s a quick and enjoyable play.

Here the address to try it : Twin Tale of Sun and Sword

This article on Indies games have a good explaination and translation to help you play the game.


Revamped ‘Dragon Fantasy’

Originally launched way back in August of 2011, Dragon Fantasy is a 8-bit fantasy “à la” Dragon quest. They recently made a revamp of the game and turn those old school 8-bit graphic into better 16-bit graphic, new audio, achievement and new dungeon.

If this sounds like the type of game you’d like to add to your iOS device of choice, and you enjoy questing in the olde style of 8-bit gaming, you can download it from the App Store for $7.99 / £5.49

Note that a sequel is coming to iOs soon too 🙂

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‘Dragon Fantasy’ revamped (Touch arcade)

Space chick

Have you ever felt the need of going to space and save cuties, well if it’s the case Space chick is for you. Space chick is a space (Duh!) game where your heroes jump from planet to planet using their gravity  (like in Angry bird space) and save chick stuck on asteroid and other planet. Beware of monster that will try to knock you off and grab your chick for themselves.

The gravity system makes even this simple platforming technique a lot more interesting. One-tap controls for jumping also make Space Chicks an easily accessible title.

Play it at : Crescent Moon Games

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Asslevania: Symphony of the Butt has a bit of not-work safe language and graphic images, but if you’re looking for a brutal Castlevania-like, whip-slinging, cross-flinging platformer for free, here you go!

Note that a sequel is coming to where you play has Alucard and you can go through green and blue doors with him.


Play it: Asslevania

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It seems that some of you really liked my article on Heroes of Steel so I decided to go through some of my list of rpg/ medieval games sitting in my bucket list to satisfy your taste for glory.

Heroes of Loot

When I first heard about Heroes of Loot it made me think of hack, slash & Loot an indie game I got in a Humble bundle. Limited choice of character with each have their own unique stats, randomly generated dungeon, monsters & loot.

But after seeing the preview and playing the free version I realized it’s much more related to the good old and fast spaced Gauntlet. Even the heroes are the same, the good old tank warrior, the wizard, the sexy Valkyrie and the long range elvish Archer (or Ranger) but you can unlock new characters by playing. They have all different base attack power, rate of fire, defense value, magical potential, and XP acquisition speed.

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Puzzle and dragons

One of the most popular and profitable games in Japan finally reached some western audience, Puzzle and dragons is ready to wreck it in the western world.  Now, users in the UK can see what all the fuss is about. GungHo’s free-to-play game is finally available on the UK App Store. It should be available on Google Play shortly.

In Puzzle & Dragons, you recruit a team of Pokemon-style monsters, then head into dungeons to take on enemies.

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Pizza Wizard

I added a cool indies game in today’s mix, Pizza wizard doesn’t have just a cool name, it’s a pretty cool game too. You take the role of a pizzamancer and defend your tower from horde of orcs (or goblins they could be goblins), dragons and bats.

pizza wizard

Play it here.

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Kingdom Conquest II (Golden axe)

We just talked about how heroes of loot is a Gauntlet inspired style game, check this out we have a golden axe inspired game.

Kingdom Conquest II give you access to all the characters and monsters from Golden Axe and Altered Beast. It’s a card game, class battles and war game all built into one. Really addictive and can be very costly.

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The Indie RPG Bundle

I know I usually focus on web or mobile game but today I want to talk about a bunch of indie RPG all pack together for under 5$. Ok you actually put the amount you want to pay (min 1.99$) and the money goes to charity to help autistic children and their families in Greece and to indie developers directly (you actually chose who get what)
The Bundle In A Box (actual name of the deal) contains 13 RPGs for Windows (several of them are playable on Linux and Mac too).
The games in the bundle includes Sinister Design’s Telepath RPG: Servants of God, Charles DeYoe’s Unemployment Quest, and Gooey Blob’s .

Go grab them now, it end in 11 days.


Browser Games indies news

Not much in the indies browser game world this week

I saw an interesting one at, king of bee. It’s a game insired by old school text adventures and “badly translated story material from Japanese NES and Genesis games” (quote from

You can finish it pretty quickly, I actually made peace with the king of bee, I haven’t tried killing him though, tell me what you did in the comment if you want.

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Mobile news

Infinity blade 2 at 0.99$

Remember a post I made a post about Infinity blade being at 0.99$ (well now it’s free lol) the sequel is now getting the same ridiculous price.

And this one is for fun (A parody, NSFW)



A really nice RPG caught my attention it’s called 9thdawn. It’s 2.99$ and it’s for a good cause, a small team of indie dev. It’s a massive world to play and the control might be a bit tricky but it’s definitely a nice game if you’re into RPG.


Official site:



Kingturn RPG Plus

Remember I’ve talked about Kingturn RPG? Well there a new game (both free and paid) with new story and new classes.

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RPG Quest – Minimæ

A RPG with a old 8 bit look “à la Dragon Quest/Warrior”, I haven’t tried this one though but you can have a look nonetheless.

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Puzzle Pirate

Puzzle pirate is coming out on mobile, I’ve played a bit with this game on the pc and it’s quite fun but a bit time consuming. If you like puzzle game you will love this one.

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Baldurs Gate get pulled out of the app store

Remember when I wrote about Baldur’s gate on the app store, it’s seem they pulled it out of the apps store because of some contractual problem. You can check the news here.