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On September 26th Nimble bit released their new Game Pocket Train. I’m a big fan of Tiny Tower and Pocket plain so I’ll we probably give this one a go too. It seems similar to pocket plain, hope I won’t put too much time in it because their other games were really addictive, I was always checking my phone for an update.

youtube trailer :


Pocket Gamer Review

Touch Arcade

Touch Arcade Guide to play without money

Ancient Summoner

Be a Cross-server Legend: Ancient Summoner New Sever “Vampire” Launched

Gamebox recently announced that with the launch of 5th server of Ancient Summoner “Vampire” (US EAST) on Sep 26, the new arena mode “cross-server” will be updated online. This new function has been highly anticipated by AS players that this function will diversify current arena battle mode.

AS - vampire

New features of the sever Vampire

Get tired of fighting against those same old rivals of the your sever? Or are you already the champion in your own sever and no one can ever beat you up? You should neither get bored nor smug about your accomplishment as a totally new competition mode comes with the Vampire sever—cross-sever fights!

Now you are able to attend the competition between sever 4 and sever 5, i.e. if you are in sever 4, you can challenge players in sever 5 and vice versa, which definitely guarantee unprecedented thrilling enjoyment. Whether be trashed or be the champion again and bask in glory, you’ll find it out right after you try it. Sink or swim, all depends on you! Come to test your skills now!

Gifts and events

In gratitude for players’ whole-heated favor and support, there are abundant gifts along with the launch of new sever, waiting for you to claim as always. Apart from that, many interesting and tempting events have been specially designed for you. All events, like Roses are Red, are going to reward you appealing items such as roses, silver and crystals.

AS - version 1.3

Updated Version 1.3 preview

With month-long effort, an updated and optimized version 1.3 is going to be released in the near future! What exciting news to all fans of Ancient Summoner in the whole world. It’s expected that the races of Goblin, Beast and Ogre will have some brand new creatures. An overhaul has made for them which are that they will have their own characteristics and their unique abilities also bring more fun to this game revealed by Gamebox.com, the operator. So will the order of the fantasy land shake or even change? Will the Ogres, Beasts and Goblins muddle the already chaotic world? We will wait and see!Ancient Summoner New Sever “Vampire” Launched

Ancient Summoner Opens New Server: Death Knight-A Bloody Showdown

The unprecedented yet highly praised card game Ancient Summoner, after 3 popular servers launch, is going to start its 4th server-Death Knight, as a timely reaction to the warmly expectation of millions of players worldwide.


Death Knight: Origin of Werewolf

The name of S4 is derived from the earliest legend of werewolf which  must trace back to 1216 when John Lakeland, King of England, was poisoned to death. It was said that the poison contained aconite, a plant that converted people into werewolf. Soon after, people heard howling from the king’s grave, and some even claimed they had seen the king turned into Death Knight in normal night, but Werewolf under full moon, wondering around in the forest.


General War: Memories Launched a New Server– S8 Maryland Goes Online



It’s been a while since Gambox’s General War: Memories went online and now it has gathered thousands of players. Now a new server S8-Maryland has been launched!
In this game, players may use various strategies with a wide range of formations, combination of units (infantry, tanks & artillery), equips and skills to fight alongside their alliance mates, you can do whatever you want to command your troops to success. All the elements in the game, including the maps and storyline are based on history, thus it gives players an exciting experience of commanding troops in WWII.
From S1 to S8, GW players have witnessed the growth of this game. As the first batch of heroes,players in earlier servers have been battle-hardened and veteran. They have conquered  the world with unique strategies and powerful units. Now the first max level player has appeared in S1. He is the first max level players of all servers, using his unique tactics and most powerful units in bloody battles.
During the past few months, thanks to the support and love of the players, Gamebox has been updating the game on a weekly basis. Now players of all ages, professions, regions can have fun in the game through coping the internal affairs of the city, training troops, fighting against the NPC, fighting with allies, fighting with players in the arena, attacking cities and defending your city, forming groups and fighting in group. Yes, it will never let you down!

For more info about this game, please visit
General War official website
General War on facebook

Gamebox recently just launched 2 new servers for its popular fantasy card game Ancient Summoner: S2 Werewolf and S3 Bloodmoon. These two new servers are both named after the folklore of the halfblood, because of its immense popularity not only in modern popular fictions, but also in Ancient Summoner.

In Ancient Summoner, all creatures are classified into 8 races with different orientations. And the Halfblood, as unique as any other races, has become the favorite of many players.  Halfblood creatures are  “notoriously” known for dealing massive physical damage. Feles, Centaurs, Tengus, Sylvis, and of course, Werewolves, unlike other races that often have their own mages or priests, these halfbloods deal only physical damage, and they deal a lot. Against a halfblood gang, creatures with low HP or armor are not likely to survive even one single strike.

Some proper armor and high DPS mages are the  efficient way to stop these werewolves from eating your body.


The half-man-half-mammal image is the signature of the Halfblood. However, not all the halfblood creatures look as scary as werewolves or centaurs.  An event quest currently going on in the game is giving a halfblood creature of the cutest combination of human and mammal that you can think of: the bunny girl! It’s called Mynx in Ancient Summoner. And the cutest thing about this event is that players need to finish several independent quests to collect the item of carrot. And with a required amount of carrots, you can finally get your own bunny girl Mynx!

Currently, as this game became more and more popular, Ancient Summoner is now available on both Chrome Web Store (as an app) and Mozilla FireFox (as an add-on).

Google Chrome Web Store APP

Mozilla FireFox Add-on

For more info about Ancient Summoner, please visit Official Website

Facebook Fan Page

This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamebox for onlinesgamestips.

Lately the official website of the fantasy card game “Ancient Summoner” by Gamebox has adopted a brand new design. The most outstanding feature of this new look is the huge werewolf figure in the background. According to our source, this new design is a preparation by Gamebox for a big event about Ancient Summoner on Sep 5.

AS - werewolf


Werewolf: The Invader

So why werewolf? In Ancient Summoner, there are a total of 8 races and each race includes hundreds of different creatures. And among all these creatures, werewolves have always been the one summoners talk about most.

as -ww - 2

Basically, werewolf card itself is imbalanced. Unlike most of the creature cards who usually have a balanced combination of blood and attack, (e.g. 4 attack/ 8 blood, 2 attack/ 7 blood) werewolf cards may have really weird combinations like 8 attack/ 4 blood, or 2 attack/ 12 blood.

Imbalanced as they are, if lucky enough, summoners can use these werewolves to do some serious damage within 1 round. So as to make this game fair, most of these werewolf cards have an attribute called “Blood Price”, which immediately deals 3 damage to the summoner upon summoning. Therefore, werewolf cards become both powerful and risky—a true wild card.

as ww combat 4 as ww 3

What’s gonna happen?

As mentioned before, our source from Gamebox told us there’s a huge event to be held about Ancient Summoner. Why not take a guess what this event will be? Currently Gamebox is holding a fun event for players to guess what the big event on Sep 5 is on their Ancient Summoner official facebook fan page. Go check it out and make your guess!

5 The oficial Werewolf card : as ww card

For more info about Ancient Summoner, please visit

Official Website:   http://f.gamebox.com/pr_forward.htm?rcc_id=afdsafdsaefere321321-g=10

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/ancientsummonerofficial

Gamebox’s latest production  “Ancient Summoner” is launching with 2 versions; the browserbased version has already launched today at Gamebox.com, and the IOS version is expected to be released later next month.

Background of Ancient Summoner

The rise and fall of a culture can be determined by human’s endless desire. Ever since the war between elf and human ended, all species began to introspect and rehabilitate. But time is like a poison. It reinforces desire and buries the past trauma. The species are relatively restrained, though there’re sporadic skirmish, thanks to patriarch’s instruction. Even so, the infighting within the continent is all too apparent The new leader is facing the nuisance that monsters raged on in the land. When he noticed the condition of Ice pass, he realized it was just the beginning.

Fantasy Card Game

Ancient Summoner is a fantasy card competition game where gamers will collect cards and use them to summon mythical creatures in battles against NPC and other players. This game is completely free-to-play. With its two versions, and a round-based game play, Ancient Summoner’s players can truly play the game anywhere at any time, as its each single game can usually be finished in no more than 3 minutes.

Ancient Summoner 2

Ancient Summoner 3

Group Fun PVP & PVE

As an online competition game, the interactions and competitions between players in Ancient Summoner are intense. There are various championships and battle seasons in the game for players to have the fun of competing and get rewarded.Gamers can also team up with friends to fight powerful bosses, compete in strategic turn basedcombat in a PvP tournament, and defeat every wave of increasingly stronger enemies to climb higher on the 50-level Ascension Tower.

Ancient Summoner 4

Role-Playing Game Experience

As a card game, Ancient Summoner adopted the role-playing gamplays for more fun. As player get progress in the campaign and at arena, more exp will be gained and the players’ attributeswill increase accordingly. And these attributes will affect the crit attack rate, block rate and skill performance of the summoned creatures in battles. Like most RPG, these attributes can also be boosted with equips. Rare equips can be obtained with slight chance in certain instance battles,and also can be traded with other players.

A first peek at Ancient Summoner: (http://youtu.be/pcz2B26uoWM)

For more info about Ancient Summoner, please visit:

Official Website:  http://f.gamebox.com/pr_forward.htm?rcc_id=afdsafdsaefere321321-g=10
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/ancientsummonerofficial

The fantasy world of Pantheon Legend is finally unveiled. The Pantheon Legend closed beta test (all ingame data will be deleted when it’s over) kicks off today in 7 countries! If you have an Apple ID in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines or Indonesia, you can download Pantheon Legend in iTunes now!
Download this app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pant…nd/id672116347

4000 free Crystals (worth over $50) will be offered daily to every player for a smooth gaming experience. Gamebox is also looking for feedbacks. Please post your questions and suggestions on the Facebook Fanpage. Your advice is our unfailing vigor to make this game better.

The CBT ends at late August, and there’ll be a timely notice of data deletion. Once the OBT begins, the daily 4000 crystals will be replaced with more surprises and gifts! Have fun!
Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/PantheonLegend

The closed beta test of Glory of Gladiators has ended days ago. Based on the feedbacks, Gamebox has updated new activities and features to enrich the game. The first official server – S1 Spartacus will be launched on 06:00 am August 13, Tuesday, 2013. New server events will be available and players who have participated in the beta tests will receive special rewards. Come join the world of gladiators in Spartacus!

Glory of Gladiators, a free-to-play browser-based strategy RPG, puts players in the role of a master of an ancient Roman gladiator training school and quests them with recruiting and training fighters and then sending them to compete with other gladiators in violent confrontations. With story-driven quests, players can encounter famous campaigns and renowned gladiators, and even have the opportunity to recruit them in your own school. In the game, you will absolutely experience the similar grandiose bloody and violent shots as the movie 300.

Facebook Fanpage: http://www.facebook.com/GloryofGladiators

Official Website: http://gla.gamebox.com/

Official Forum: http://forum.gamebox.com/index.jsp?gid=110

The browser-based massively multiplayer online strategy game with 2.5D imaging that brings you back to the fiercest and cruelest war in human history– WWII, General War: Memories has been online for months and has gathered numerous players. Meanwhile, General War has a new server S6 Wilmington coming out on Aug 7 with a series of updates.

An alliance war function “Land Rush” was added to the game last month. However, as the popularity of this feature is far beyond the developer’s expectation, the feature had to be closed for several days to have its system enhanced. Now, the popular alliance war – Land Rush is online again. Join an alliance, and fight for it!

Besides the exciting alliance war, a brand new consecutive check-in system has been added. Every day you after log in the game, you can check in, and each check-in will grant you some rewards. The more consecutive days you check in for, the richer and better rewards you will get. After 10 days of consecutive check-ins, for each time you check in consecutively, you will always receive the 10th rewards. You will be granted extra rewards when your consecutive check-ins reaches 2, 5, 10, 18 or 27 in an organic month (in server time).

You would get lots of fun here in General War: Memories. It is now being better and better. Join now and rewrite the history!

For more info about this game, please visit

General War official website:


General War on facebook:


Do you still remember your first time playing with NES? Do you miss the fun of Contra and Mental Slug? Thenew browser-based MMO shooter Free Counterfire is pretty much the upgraded version of them with amazing maps and play modes, hundreds of weapons, and of course, millions of players all over the world. It’ll definitely remind you of the happy days in childhood.

Gamebox’s Free Counterfire will launch its first official server on Aug.6 at Gamebox.com.

Watch Free Counterfire trailer:

Aiming to bring players the childhood fun, Free Counterfire diversifies its fighting modes, rewards, quests and etc. With over 10 operations (Deep in Jungle, Global Operation, Save the Beauty etc.), 3 modes (Boss Challenging, Survival and Zombies mode), 200 weapons and 50 skills, you can enjoy the fun of boasting personal shooting skills and immerse yourself in teamwork.

It’s easy to understand why players identify their childhood fun in this game. “We’re gonna make it the best side-scrolling shooting game where players can have fun in their spare online time”, says Gamebox, developer of the game.

For more information about Free Counterfire:

Official Website: http://f.gamebox.com/pr_forward.htm?rcc_id=568c400c7f944e48954bc30468f94002&g=7

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/freecounterfire

Dear players, thanks for your persistent support for the fantastic Odin Quest, which has been released on August 5 last year, has also been released on Youjoy.com for almost the whole one year. With the help and support, the game has been operated very successfully and has been popular among all players around the world. On the occasion of the first anniversary, we will thanks for all our players sincerely again and let’s review the successful events in this whole year!

August 8, 2012        S1 Genesis has been released on Youjoy.com

Sep 15, 2012          S5 Thor has been released on Youjoy.com

Oct 9, 2012           S1 (EST) Medgate has been released on Youjoy.com

July 3, 2013           S6 (EDT) Revolution has been released on Youjoy.com

July 24, 2013          S21 Excalibar has been released on Youjoy.com

The new server S7 (EDT) Odin will be released on 8:00 Aug 8, 2013 to celebrate the first anniversary! And Youjoy.com will work its utmost to bring for players more interesting functions and better customer service for players. And Youjoy.com believes the game will give more fun to players with players’ help and support.
From series of anniversary events, players will obtain awesome rewards, advanced items and comfortable experiences.

The Portal of Anniversary Celebration: http://oq.youjoy.com/oq/oq20130805/
Besides, cool and awesome functions will bring more fun to all players! Start celebrating right now!

YouJoy.com is an online browser game publisher who has successfully published DDTank and Call of Gods. Odin Quest is an MMOARPG that based on Nordic myth originated from Iceland and surrounding countries during 1st and 2nd century. Players will fight with their mates to build their own supremacy.