If you follow us because of our review and tips on hockey manager like powerplay manager or Senior hockey league. You’ll be pleased to see that Humble bundle has a new sport bundle that include Eastside hockey manager.

The game is about managing an ice hockey team. Complete with computer controlled AI teams and the possibility to set up online leagues to play against friends.  It can simulate the full National Hockey League season and had a database of around 3,000 players and staff and featured virtually unlimited number of seasons to play. The game has picked up a large following on the internet. So It’s a no brainer if you like hockey manager games.

When I was doing my review on the best hockey manager for mobile I stumbled upon Eastside hockey manager for PC (and mac ?). It one of the best manager on Deskstop right now and it’s currently only 1$ with 2 other game in the new humble bundle sport bundle. The game is normally at 19.99 on steam so at 1$ with 2 other game it’s a freaking bargain. If it’s not your thing cool but if you’re into this grab it now while supply last (or before the deal expire).

I’ve got the tier 2 of the bundle for 5,83$ (at the time of this writing) to get super blood sport hockey too with Motor sport manager and Dirt Rally. Super Blood Hockey (7.99$ on steam) bring is a violent homage to classic 8-bit and 16-bit ice hockey games, according to their website. It’s look like the famous Ice Hockey game on NES but with blood.

If you only want Eastside manager just go ahead and pay 1$ instead.

Have fun getting ready for the 2018-2019 season with these games.

If you like it, let us know if you want us to do a review or guide for this game.

For all of you who ask to make give a list of the best hockey sim on mobile, here the one I’ve found.
Last post I’ve said I’m going to make a review of hockey sim (like Powerplay manager) on mobile. Now that I’ve quit Powerplay manage I need my hockey sim fix so I’ve downloaded a bunch of games and tried them out.

CBS Franchise Hockey 2018

Like other hockey sim on this list, this game rely on card to acquire players. However, the game is pretty generous compare to the other has it gives you two of the best player of your favorite team from the start.
If you chose the Habs you get Price and Weber, for the penguins it’s Crosby and Malkin and so on. The game has nice management feature, you can train your player and buy them equipment. There are lot of game to play, from doing a season, exhibition game, pro game and even event for legends players.
There’s a season mode to, but it’s only a few games (21) and the playoff are one game deathmatch. It’s actually my favorite on the list, I’ve played a good half hour before I’ve use all my free games. The multiplayer is limited, you play against other team, but there’s no interaction with them.

Note: This game is my favorite from this list and I play everyday since I’ve installed it.


NHL players
Cards to get players
Play against old nhl team
You can train your players
You can give equipment
Chose your team color and logo
Season (even if it’s not a real season)


NHL team city only not the team with logo and name
UI can be a bit confusing
We don’t see the game in the simulation
Login with facebook
Season not like NHL

Big Win Hockey

I’ve already written about that game in a previous post, here the highlight and pros and cons of the game.

BIG WIN Hockey is hockey simulation where you get player by drafting them from a deck of card which might include power up (skill boost) and “Big impact card” (in game power up). You can get NHL player buy buying special pack.

Note that this one is filled with ads and you get match up against team twice your rating from the start. I’ve played a bit in the past, but drop because of the ads and the grinding required if you don’t want to pay.


Use cards to get players
Can use cards for power up
Nice simulation animation
NHL player available


In-app purchase heavy
You get yourself crush at the beginning
Ads to get buck or coins
No tactical play
No season

NHL SuperCard 2K18

Another card base game like big win hockey, but better. You get NHL players from the get go and since they have some budget they included the real player on the card.

Enjoyable game, you can get a decent team quickly if you play regularly. Some event can be hard though like Road2theCup, you need legendary player on almost all the line if you want to have a shot in the final. Its seem it’s the only game with the NHL teams name and logo in it.


NHL player available (bonus: real player with real team logo on the card)
Card to get player (bonus: you get NHL player right at the start)
Nice simulation animation
Mode season


In-app purchase heavy
You get crush at the beginning
Need to watch ads to get coins
No tactical play
The season is not like NHL

Dynasty Hockey

This is originally a facebook game (has dsiplayed in the video), so it forces you to log with fb. It also lacks feature compare to the facebook game.
Easy to play & not overly complex, but enough going on to keep it lights and interesting.
And players and coaches from different eras that can be mixed and matched to build your team.
A bit more information about how things work or a tutorial would be helpful.
Any simulation hockey fanatic will enjoy this game.

Note: It seem that game haven’t had a update since 2015. (Proof! https://sensortower.com/android/us/fantasy-moguls-inc/app/dynasty-hockey/com.atomic.android.sim/overview)


Legend player
Free agent


Login with fb
UI confusing
In app purchase
Less feature than the FB game
Seem that the dev stop updating the game.
No Season like NHL
No NHL team (team cities are there though)

World Hockey Manager

This is a new game from 2017 and it’s a FB game has well, but I haven’t had the time to try it on Facebook so I’m not sure if it’s the same.
You can play challenge to get coin and make your team move up a league.
You start in the qualification league where there no season, you can move up in league to be able to do an actual season. Note that I’m still stuck in the qualification league, I’ll give an update if I go out of it.

With training, upgrading your facility, this game has a lot of the feature of a solid hockey manager like Powerplay manager.
However, most feature are not as deep has powerplay manager and its seem that you can get stuck pretty quickly.
Challenge seem to cost more in coin than winning them, player signing is extremely expensive for anyone rated 70 and up, later Arena upgrades literally take weeks to level.


Arena management,
cards for power up and restore moral/energy,
Prospect management and training.
Chose your team color and logo
New game seem actively maintained


Cannot skip simulation,
In-app purchase,
Not sure how the season work,
You get yourself crush at the beginning,
No NHL teams or players
Not much to do if you don’t use your card to restore endurance and moral of your team

Hockey General Manager

This one has a pretty cheap feel to it UI wise, but don’t shy away because it can be an interesting game. Its have all the elements of a NHL simulation game with a salary cap, trades, a draft and free agent sign-in. And not in a gimmicky way like Dynasty hockey, the real NHL way, like there’s trade deadline, a draft after the post-season, a free agent sign-in after the draft.
However, there’s no NHL teams or players, no game display when you run the game simulation, no multiplayer, you only play vs a AI. The free version is super limited, you can only pick one team (like its really matter since there no team from the NHL) and you can only play one season.


Only one in-app purchase, it’s to buy the whole game.
League & team management similar to the NHL
Only game in the list with trade
Salary Cap, draft and free agent like the NHL
Quick to play a season and the season have the NHL structure


Not the nhl team or player
Free version very limited (one team, one season)
No gameplay or display of the actual game
No multiplayer, only vs AI

Now that I basically stop playing power play manager I’ve started to check what hockey game are on Android, don’t worry Apple fan boys your turn will come and anyway most of those games are on both platform. They are ordered from the most downloaded to the least.

Stickman Ice Hockey

Stickman Ice hockey was one of the best hockey game on android for awhile (at least the one with the most download), but now the ads are ridiculous, you spend as much time watching ads as you do playing. They don’t have any NHL teams, but they have the team per NHL city and the teams from 16 countries. It the only game I’ve won right off the bat, 6-5 in OT with the best team (Sweden) available against the worst team (Austria), it’s pretty easy to score and get scored, the control are ok, face-off might be hard at first, but you get it pretty quickly.


Ice Hockey 3D

Another game with no NHL franchise, at least we get a team logo here. My first game I got squash 5-1 with 4 goals in the 3rd period, the AI on your team is practically nonexistent, they just stare at the puck and when you drop it and follow you when you have it. In NHL I use to let my defense handle when a player enters the zone and in this game they just stare at the guy instead. They are probably telling him “Go on body, give your best shot and I won’t even try to block” and the goaler is out taking a piss because if a player draws to close he let everything in.

Controls are okay, but your options are extremely limited. You have your skating control and a button for speed boost. On offense, you have a button to shoot and a button to pass. On defense, you have a button to substitute and a button for poke-checking. That’s literally it. It’s also incredibly easy to score. Overall, this game isn’t that good, but if you like the idea of getting your player better with micro-transaction and daily bonus this might be something you like.

Matt Duchene’s Hockey Classic

If you’re looking for something with the NHLin it, this game got something, it’s Matt Duchene and the cities name from the NHL team, no player name (except Duchene), no team names&logos.

I only tried the free part of the game, the control are not bad once you get use to it. However, I didn’t like that checking is an automatic penalty when they can trip you. And poking at a goalie possessed Puck counts as roughing. You have to pay a fee to unlock the whole game (5$ at the time of this writing). Note that I read that you have to pay every time you download.

It’s free but cost 5$ for the whole game

And for some reason its want to access your files and pictures…

BIG WIN Hockey

Here we are changing the game type a bit. BIG WIN Hockey is hockey simulation where you get player by drafting them from a deck of card which might include power up (skill boost) and “Big impact card” (in game power up). You can get NHL player buy buying special pack. The game has been around for awhile (2012 I think) but its seem it’s still going strong.

I normally like hockey simulation game (like Powerplay manager and senior hockey league) but this one is filled with ads and you get match up against team twice your rating from the start. I’ve played a bit in the past, but drop because of the ads and grinding required if you don’t want to pay. I started a new team to remember the game a bit and only first game was against a team with my rating, all other I was against had almost twice my rating and level 5 or more, I started with a rating of 38 and all other team where 68, 73, 73, 78 and the last 48….

Really not friendly when you start, they should be more generous to entice people to play.


Puppet Ice Hockey: Pond Head

This game was not what I expected. You play 1 vs 1 in a 2d side view with power up and power down which make the game hilarious when you power down the other player with a rocket and he start flying. Super easy to score the AI seem a little dumb at time, but can be challenging to.

With its funny theme, easy controls. Everyone who like hockey should give this game a try.


MVP Hockey

It’s more of a non stop shootout game than an actual hockey game. Each period, a player shot the puck at the goaler or you play the goaler. You can buy power up to increase your chance of scoring. You can only play country team, there no NHL team or player.

From what I’ve played, controlling the goaler is pretty annoying, sometime you obviously block and they scored anyway. When you shoot and don’t use the “power shot” you basically never score. Always the same thing, its get boring pretty quickly.


Hockey Showdown

You play either has a goaler glove to block the puck or the stick (and I think you control the puck too) when you’re on offences. That’s it. There the NHL teams cities, but not the real teams. There are different modes of playing and you can upgrade you stick and glove for better accuracy. This game is a complete glitch fest, says you scored when you missed and vice versa. It doesn’t shoot the puck when you swipe 85% of the time. Graphics are nice and better than some of the other games on this list, but I would recommend passing on this one.

Hockey Stars

The only thing related to hockey in this game is there’s a puck and there’s a goal and the background look like ice, swap the puck for a ball and you got football star. Yet the game is actually fun to play and it’s only multiplayer. Ads don’t bother you every 2 seconds and game are pretty quick.



I’ve wrote about it awhile ago but now I’ve found how use the counter against each Power plays / Penalty killing tactic, thanks to generous soul on the ppm forum.

First remember that you want to at least get a decent % for your team for each or it might not matter if your are using a counter (a 100% passive box vs a 0% shooting from point might will probably be ok anyway)

Has a quick remember here the description  of all tactic (description from the guide):

Shooting from the point: This power play variant has two players at the blue line and their task is to shoot often with the player in front of the net trying to deflect the shots or pounce on the rebounds.

Umbrella: This power play has only one player on the point who works as the quarterback for the power play. His task is to deal passes to the players at the boards who may then shoot or pass the puck.

Overload: The purpose of this power play is to focus the attention of penalty killers on one side. This opens up room for one player on the weak side who can shoot the puck after it is fed to him.

Diamond: When you play diamond on the penalty kill, your players form a diamond shape. One player guards the area in front of the net and one player is closer to the blue line.

Passive box: Passive box means that penalty killers are keeping relatively close to each other to guard the area in front of the net and in the slot. This gives more room to the power play along the boards.

Active box: This option means that your penalty killers quickly close down on the players with the puck who then have less time to set up a power play combination. The disadvantage is, that this can open up the slot for the opponent.

Power Play table :

Power play tactic Strong vs this PK tactic Weak vs this PK tactic
Shooting from the Point Passive Box Active Box
Overload Diamond Passive Box
Umbrella Active Box Diamond


Penalty kill table:

Penalty kill tactic Strong vs PP tactic Weak vs PP tactic
Passive Box Overload Shooting from the Point
Active Box Shooting from the Point Umbrella
Diamond Umbrella Overload

I’ve been playing Powerplay manager for a while now and wrote a bunch of article about it.

I’ve decided to write a post  to sum up all of them so you can access all the post in a more convenient way.

Original review

Beginner guide

Click on the image to get it on a t-shirt

The beginner guide was a 4 part guide that focused on the more important part of the game when you start playing. Staff / Player and Arena are your bread and butter of ppm, player fill up the arena and bring cash, arena allow you to get more cash and the staff takes care of the arena and players.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


More Advance post


These are the most advances post I’ve wrote, they’re not actually super advance and I think are very important to understand how to win game and win even if you are against a better opponent.

Line composition

What is a balanced player in PPM

Friendly challenge



Tactic seem to be the most misunderstood part of the game, I’ve did a 2 (3 coming soon) post talking about that particular page.

Part 1: Game importance, style of play and Powerplay/Penalty Killing tactics

Part 1.5: Powerplay/Penalty Killing tactics reloaded complete counter against each (Coming soon)

Part 2: Line & changing goalies.


Hope it helped and there so much more to the game.

If you have an idea or want to write a post about a particular topic about the game, leave me a comment below or drop a mail (jack@onlinesgamestips.com)

We talked a lot about friendly challenge without explaining why they are important.



Here are  the main reason :

  1. A friendly game give you extra cash, you get half of the profit of the ticket and souvenir sale, so it you play on a good arena that have a lot of seat you can make a decent amount.
  2. Winning a friendly game increase (a bit) the general valuation of your team, which will increase the offer from your sponsor.
  3. Your players gain some chemistry and experience, it can be a good idea to have a different line-up for friendly game so you can send your younger player in friendly game and keep your main line intact for big game.

How it works ?

You can challenge up to 30 days or 120 days is you have a propack, once you find another owner that actually accept friendly game, try to keep their name somewhere to ask them again later.
It’s kind of hard to find decent team when you are not on a propack.
Propack however have an auto-find friendly game for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.


Remember that friendly challenge use less energy that normal and playoff game but they still use it (that another reason to have 2 line-up) You can read more about how intensity impact your energy in my other post about tactic.

Main line-up

Friendly line-up

Hope that covers everything you need to know about friendly game in ppm manager.
If you have any suggestion that you want me to cover or other game you want me to review leave a comment below or drop me a mail…

This is the part 2 of our previous Tactic post. You can check the previous post at this address : tactic part 1 and you can check out our article about line management.


Rotate three lines


The main advantage of rotating 3 line is it give more ice to your best player, however it will drain your player energy and they might not be fit enough for the playoff (particularly if you are playing with a very high game importance like we talked in the last post.

Ice time percentage by line


You always wanted to manage your team like most NHL team, give your top player more ice time and use the other line to give them a break ? You can do that by setting the ice time per line in the tactic.

This option is really cool and it might reduce the need to rotate 3 lines, by simply giving the 4 lines a really low percentage.

Like I said many times be careful not to overuse your player, you want them to be able to stay up in the playoff too.

I can be a great way to balance out your team , like going 30/30/30/10 or 25% every where, then rotate 3 line if you are losing.

Changing the goalie



If your goalie is having a bad game get him out of there and put the backup goalie. Since my goalie no1 is usually my best goalie and wait until there is a 3-5 goal difference to remove him.

Reduce to rotation of three lines


You’re losing and you don’t like that, they drop the 4th line and put your best guy on the ice.

This option give a nice alternative instead of the rotate three line option, your top players won’t get too much fatigue when you are winning but they will take thing in hand and maybe make you win a couple of tight game that you might have lost if you stayed with 4 line.

React to the opponent’s withdrawal of the fourth line


This is a counter to the rotate three line and reduce rotation of three line by the opponent. If he’s putting only is best player on ice you might has well give him a decent challenge by doing the same thing.

Pull the goalie


If you’re trailing behind by a goal or two at the end of the game you can remove the goalie and put a extra forward to put pressure and try to score a goal. You have more chance of getting scored but you are losing anyway…


pull the goalie because sometime he won’t help anyway



Tactic is probably the most confusing thing in powerplay manager.

There so many things to set up that I need to split this in two  post to cover each section.

Today we focus on the 4 first point: Game importance / Style of play / Power plays / Penalty killing

Game importance



The importance you give to each game will have a direct impact on the energy level of your player. If you play very high most of your game your player will lack the energy to perform during the playoff.

Here a table that shows how much you lose energy when playing a game:

Game Type Very low Low Normal High Very high
Friendly and tournament 0.02 0.05 0.1 0.2 0.3
Competitive games 0.1 0.25 0.5 1 1.5

This can change a lot depending on your situation, you have a team that have better average than most other team, might make sense to start at low or very low and adjust it mid season. You are one position of making the playoff, might be good to pump it up to high or very high to increase your chance of making the playoff. You against a team that you have ultimately no chance of winning, perhaps the best option is to drop everything to low to manage your player.

More info : http://www.succeed2k.com/ppm-hockey-articles/ppm-new-tactics-explained-dp1.html

Style of play



Some tactic depends on your team but universally each tactic is strong against another tactic and weak against a different tactic. This rock paper scissor kind of setup is called  “Ring of Counter-Tactics” and here what it should look like: Normal > Defensive > Offensive > Forechecking > Counterattacks > Breaking up > Normal

So if we do a table we have (first column beat  X) :

Normal Defensive Offensive Forechecking Counter attacks Breaking up
Normal x
Defensive x
Offensive x
Forechecking x
Counter attacks x
Breaking up x

You can read more about it at : http://www.succeed2k.com/ppm-hockey-articles/tactics-countertactics.html

You can check the full analysis for this ring of tactic on this site.

Power plays / Penalty killing


This one is tricky, because I’ve still not found what the ring of counter for that one and that even if you’re using the counter if your player never played with that type of power play or penalty kill they won’t necessarily do well vs a team who well trained with that tactic.

First you want to at least get the % of your team on that to 33% in each or 100 % in one.

Why would you like to have them up to the same value ? so you can them switching depending on what the opponent is playing.

Note the following table is incomplete it’s mostly come from some player told me and my personal experience (My team is 100% for Shooting from the Point & Active box)

Power Play table :

Power play tactic Strong vs this PK tactic Weak vs this PK tactic
Shooting from the Point Passive Box (?) Active Box
Overload ?? ??
Umbrella ?? ??

Penalty kill table:

Penalty kill tactic Strong vs PP tactic Weak vs PP tactic
Passive Box ?? ??
Active Box Shooting from the Point ??
Diamond ?? ??

I will fill the table when I got more info. Sorry about that. I’ll try to track when I score in PP and when I get scored in PK to see is there a correlation.

From what I read and from what other manager told me it a balanced player is a player that have stats balance between the primary stat and the secondary stats like 100/70/70 to 100/30/30 and 100/50/50 behind probably the proportion the give the best result. On top of that you want to have your technique at the same number that aggression is to reduce penalty and be sure to train them in shooting or else they will be efficient in the opponent zone but wont be able get a decent shot on the net.

mortal kombat skill = very important

So a good player is a player that balance, with high attribute value (if you want them to help you right away), high quality of attribute and a high career longevity.

Having problem finding a coach ? You never get job applicant that want to be sporting director. you need a left handed defense man to play on your third line but the player from the sport academy keep giving you forward. Fear not, grab some money and you can try to recruit them on the market.


Be careful when hiring from the market, experience manage will try to sell you useless player, unbalance player or player at the end of their career at high price.
Be patient and search for some good deal. Scout some player or if a player is already scouted ask the manager who is scouting them.

Recruiting Player


Your need will change has you play but if you’re beginning you should definitely avoid player with low career longevity since you are in for the long-term these players do not worth your time.

On the other hand if you are aiming big this year you might get a cheap superstar at the end of their career, just don’t renew the contract.

Like we said before, be sure that the player has a high quality of attribute in the stat you need for the role you want to give him, that will help you with his training, and check that the stat are balanced so it will be easier to insert him in the team.

More Info: What a balanced player ? (check out this post for more detail )

Recruiting Staff


Recruiting staff is a bit easier since they have only 2 stats, keep in mind that they can cost a lot in salary, you can check their expected salary when you select the staff member you want to bid on. Since the market is over flooded with candidate you can most of the time get away with a member for 10-100k, I’ve read somewhere that player not from your country cost a bit more (I’ll come back to you on that) so keep that in mind when you are looking for new staff member.