This is a follow up of the latest Nobility post, this one is mostly base on the in game guide.

Title Beyond Generalissimo

These are special titles. Only one title is available on each server. These titles are the ultimate honor in the world of Three Kingdoms.



Once a player has taken control of the Imperial Capital and 4 State Capitals, has more than 2,234,400 Contribution Value points, and the State Capital has opened for more than 30 days, then the player will be allowed to build an Imperial Palace in the Imperial Capital.  When the Palace reaches level 5, you will under attack by NPC troops every time when you upgrade it.  There will be a final wave of troops attacking when your Palace reaches level 20.  If you survive in these attacks, you will get the title of Emperor.

  • Bonus:
    • Recruiting speed in all cities increase by 20%
    • Every time you donate tokens to the court, you can earn extra 20 point of Contribution Value points
    • Attack and Defense value of troops is increased by 15%.

Prime Minister

 Cao Cao - prime minister

If you have 1,396,500 Contribution Value points or more, when you occupy the Imperial Capital, you will gain the title of Prime Minister. If lose control of the Imperial Capital, or one of your 2 State Capitals, you will lose the title as well.

Lord of Wei

cao cao governor comic

Player who occupies Pu-yang, the State Capital of Yan, and increase their Contribution Value to at least 1,396,500 to become the Lord of Wei.
Bonus: Attack and Defense value of troops increase by 15%.

Lord of Shu

liu bei meet zhu ge liang
Player who occupies Cheng-du, the State Capital of Yi, and increase their Contribution Value to at least 1,396,500 to become Lord of Shu.
Bonus: Attack and Defense value of troops increase by 15%.

Lord of Wu

sun ce

Player who occupies Jian-ye, the State Capital of Yang, and increase their Contribution Value to at least 1,396,500.
Bonus: Attack and Defense value of troops increase by 15%.

Lord of Qin

soldier post

The Lord of Qin is a noble rank which players can fight for once the server starts. The player with the highest Contribution Value over 2,234,400, will gain the title of Lord of Qin. This title will be re-calculated at 24:00 every Saturday, and will not change for a week.
Bonus: Attack and Defense value of troops increase by 15%.

Position for Heroes
You can appoint a office position for each hero of yours. The position can increase his status. There are 4 types of positions, each can increase one of their status. You must have certain nobility to appoint the corresponding position. Another request is your hero should reach a certain level.

Nobility Rank


Increasing your rank will allow you to assign your heroes to positions that increase their stats. More importantly it will allow your granaries to store more food, which is important if you plan to improve your resource fields to level 20. The easiest way to increase your nobility rank is to do duels in the faction camps. The more duels you do the better chances you have of getting a Court Quest item. You can only donate items up to a certain rank and then after that the Court Quest never asks for them again. To make the most of your items here is what you should be donating at each rank. Citizen– Wine, Salt, Silk Baron– Salt, Silk, Indigo Viscount– Silk, Indigo, Fur Marquis– Indigo, Fur, Horse Count– Fur, Horse, Spice Duke– Horse, Spice, Jade Infante– Spice, Jade, Pearl Lord-Jade, Pearl, Gold Save your Tribute Tokens for the later levels (Duke +) and only donate them during events that increase their value. How to get items to increase rank ? If you want to increase your nobility without gold the best way is to do faction quest and duel in the faction map. 1- Getting order arrows via Faction quest Order Arrows: Order Arrows are acquired through the Faction Quests. Only a few Faction Quests reward Order Arrows when you complete them. Once you have obtained Order Arrows through completing the Faction Quests, go to the Faction Map, then choose your Faction, then go to the Faction Reward page, and choose your reward. Not only are there Quest Items but there are armor, weapons, skill books, etc, so you may not wish to spend these versatile items on Quest Items. To spend Order Arrows follow these steps: order arrow 2- Dueling:When a player sends a hero to duel,if he wins the duel he may gain an item through the fight. Every once in awhile the item gained is a Quest Item. The Quest Items gained are usually Silk and Indigo, but very, very occasionally Fur and other higher Contribution Value Quest Items are gained through Dueling. Click the Faction Map button, then choose your Dueling Region, then pick your general to duel. I usually pick the highest level general to Duel, though if you lose most of your duels choose lower level generals to Duel. duel for nobility Source : Check this post on how to get to Generalissimo without gold : Do nobility rank increase rate of finding epic heroes ?¸ No, It will only affect the stats of normal heroes you found in the epic search. Nobility won’t affect the stats of epic heroes. Nobility rank have no effect on the probability of finding a epic hero. source : What the advantage of each rank

Rank Required Contribution Value Attack Bonus Defense Bonus Granary Size Increase
Baron 1200 1% 5% 0%
Viscount 10500 3% 10% 0%
Marquis 31500 5% 20% 10%
Count 101500 8% 30% 20%
Duke 241500 12% 40% 30%
Infante 451500 16% 50% 40%
Lord 696500 22% 50% 50%
Generalissimo 1396500 50% 50% 100%