I’ve talked and reviewed Lone Survivor awhile ago and it seems that the game made a come back on the PlayStation store yesterday (25th of September) in Europe and is coming to the us in the upcoming week (or two according to this source).

Curve Studios  worked really hard to port the wonderful side-scrolling horror game to Playstation.

It is not the old game it has some additional content, hence the “Director’s Cut” in the name. The new game will have new lighting system, new dialogue, over 20 new items, brand-new endings, and plenty more.

The game will available for PS3 and vita. This version will also be ported for pc and mac on steam but no release date was given. (source: EuroGamer)

P.S: Funny story, my spell checker want to change Lone survivor to Loan Survivor that would be a very funny title for a game! no ?

The first time I played Lone Survivor I only managed to get near the cat and talk to him. I didn’t click that I could gave him some cat food, that probably because I’ve had already eaten the cat food.

I did  a second pass and I managed to get him to follow me in my apartment, little “Sunny” (That the name I gave him) really did make a difference my character mental health.


This cute little cat is near the hospital in the city. But before seeing the cat you need to get some cat food and the only way to get tin of cat food is to trade “Sleepy Cat comic” for them with the Director. I’ve found a total of 4 comics, they’re probably more but that should be enough to get the cat in your apartment.

Once you got cat food you can go see the cat nears the hospital. Approach him slowly, look the way the cat is moving when you are moving toward him.  If he move stop going toward him and wait until he is acting normal again. Once you are near him talk to him and give him some cat food. He will then go away but don’t worry I’ll be back.

Now you need to go back to your apartment and take a nap. Once you wake up go outside your apartment (take the stair), he should be there and give him an another tin of cat food. Go back to your apartment again and he should be waiting for you at the fire escape window of your room. Just give him some food again and he will enter your apartment you will even be able to give him a name. I don’t actually recall what the 4 can did when I gave him, try it and you will see 🙂


Here a complete video on how to get him:

Update: Giving him a fourth can of food will give you the option to pet him.

Lone Survivor Review


I’ve wrote about lone survivor back in may and I finally finished it. I wanted to share my feeling about the game.
First don’t expect the game to take awhile to finish, I’ve did it in a bit more than 4hr (6hr if you count all the time I died) other managed to finish the game in 2hr.

I don’t want to bring any spoiler but the game is not what you expect at first, it more of a horror/survival game than a zombie one.
Even while playing your character commenting the game in an arcade and describe it has :
“It’s a game about guilt," "It looks kinda retro." "It’s just another zombie game."

The game leave you clue that at the same time you just ask yourself more questions. Who left those note? Why would those notes contradict one another ? Who is this Draco ?
You later discover pills and items that help you in your quest to get out of the building…
You don’t know at first what they do but has you use them you discover and your character tells you clue about which food is good and which is last resort food.
You can combine food to make them more tasty, you can cook it to have a tasty meal or brew yourself a coffee in the morning once you find a good source of water.


Another interesting point is that everything you do impact your mental health. Kill monster, not sleeping and eating rotten food makes you go crazy. While eating a healthy meal, having interaction with living being and sleeping help get your character more sane.
Again you can have subtle clue from the game, like what your character says when you talk to the mirror or comment he says while exploring your building. The game has multiples endings all mostly depend on your mental health and what you do through the game.
I really liked the game and I’m replaying it to get another ending (I got the blue ending first)
So if you like those kind of horror game and like indy game this game is definitely a buy.
It’s only 9.99 and you can probably get it 7.99 when steam put it on special.


Lone Survivor

My friend just have found a demo of the indie game Lone survivor while searching around the web.

The game is pretty neat with old school graphic and killer soundtrack. The demo convinced me to buy the game, I hope it can help you make up your mind too. Check out the video to have a vivid idea of what the game it’s about.

You can try the demo here: http://www.gamesforwork.com/games/play-20105.html

Note that it’s on steam or you can download it on there main site : http://www.lonesurvivor.co.uk/