guardian of the rose

A small but epic kickstarter project caught my attention this week so I’ve decide to bring it to you. Guardians of the Rose is a beautiful 2d 16 bit game made by Pixel x Pixel Game inspired by old school classic like Zelda & Gauntlet. It’s integrate RPG element of the elder scroll series while having a polish 16bit style.



The illegal art of Witchcraft has tainted the Royal Guard and brought ruin upon the kingdom.  A small group of the Royal Guard has slaughtered the King’s family and taken control of the kingdom.  It is now up to you and a small group of members of the Royal Guard that calls themselves the Guardians of the Rose to save the kingdom.  Your small band of allies has to work together in secret to cause a revolution in the kingdom.  One slip up and you will be on the run from the Royal Guard and wanted by relentless bounty hunters.

The boy - guardian of the rose

And you, a boy with no magical ability, are left with the task to save the kingdom.  Will you choose to taint yourself with witchcraft or will you choose to search out legendary magical items to use in your struggle to save the kingdom?  Explore the Unfellable Forest while avoiding being trampled by Sand Giants and Unfellable Beasts.  Fight off sea serpents and other creatures of the deep that are terrorizing sea port towns.  Venture into the snow-ridden Mountain Lands and discover hidden temples in the wild forests.

Game Feature

I can’t wait to see the game in action. With an open ended world to explore, multiple way to complete game and alternate ending, it’s looks like it will have a lot of replay value. Transport yourself in a grandiose fight of magic vs witchcraft.

The cliff Fighting

The kickstarter projet started recently and is only missing 5000$ to hit its goal. Hopefully we can all help a bit. So if you like what you see pledge and share it to your friends.

I recently wrote about the candy jam and obnoxious use of a trademark on the word candy. I could help it when I found more goodies from the candy jam. I hope you like them!

Candy Scroll Justice Saga – Free first person RPG (indie retro news)

stickycandy The King want is Candy, trademark saga continue…

Doom and candy crush saga finally meet together to give a fps with some eye candy in it. You are trapped in the evil King dungeon (see what they did there) and you must crush the king sweet candy to escape.

Candy Puppet Saga

stickycandy The King want is Candy, trademark saga continue…

Mr Red, as the main protagonist in his quest to start his own business as a candyman, by invading the candy planet and killing everyone.

The two following are RPG, a genre we didn’t got much in the previous post.

Candy Hooker Saga

stickycandy The King want is Candy, trademark saga continue…

This one is in this list because of its name mostly, you play as Candy the Hooker, being a borderline bipolar candy crush addict, trying to attract customers and thinking about your life as you go.

This game is actually a funny twist. Somewhat NSFW, well not really. See it for yourself.

The Candymancer Saga

stickycandy The King want is Candy, trademark saga continue…

Candies make everyone happy! That’s why you, a candymancer apprentice, were sent to make every creature around the kingdom of Candyland happy. By feeding them candies! The Candymancer Saga is an RPG of epic proportions!

This one is actually a real RPG, where you fight monster with the power of candy, once the monster have eaten to much the leave you alone and you gain max hp.

Crush the Candy King Saga

stickycandy The King want is Candy, trademark saga continue…

And the final pick a puzzle game, closer to the original game we are trying to copy. Crush the candy king saga in kind of a reverse candy crush, the king throws candy at you and you need to crush them to prevent the king from make line of the three same candy.

Play Crush the candy king saga 

More game from the candy jam on Indie retro news and

Candy Scroll Justice Saga

CandyJam Compilation!

CandyJam Compilation 2!

More “flappy”ing bird

You love Flappy bird and want to see how you well you do compare to hundred of other player live?

Flappy MMO is perfect for you, hundred and thousand of bird or fish dying every second and you see them dying live while you tap to glory. I can’t be a bit hard to concentrate with all those birds flying around you, but don’t worry once you reach the third pipe you will probably be one of the few who know it way around a pipe.



Or maybe you’ll ratter participate in the flappy space program, send has many birds you can into orbit. If you click to slow they will never leave earth, to fast and the will be sent in other space.


Join flappy space program

If you like all those collectable strategy game that seems to have appeared on mobile recently you are in luck, Atomic Brawl Deliver.

What the heck is Atomic Brawl ? It’s a free-to-play collectable strategy game (kind like MTG) where you use wit and skill to kick your friends ass and humiliate strangers online. Ok I’ve went a little to far here… But trust me, it’s a really cool game. It’s set on a hex-based board where you and your opponent take turns to deploy and move brawlers. You can use special items and squash enemies while ultimately try to destroy your opponent’s core.

The more you play, the more you earn point and unlock neat stuffs like cards, new core and beautiful girls. (all true except the girls…) With your new cards you can create custom deck and try to find synergy between cards and you core.

Still unconvinced ? check out the trailer :

Play it here : Atomic Brawl

Mystery Channel (freeware)

mystery channel

Get ready to be Mind Fucked, This game atmosphere and the weird stuff will get you, however don’t expect to play to be just a nice game to kill time, it all about the atmosphere.

Download it here

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Null Divide +

Your ship his running out of fuel and luckily for you, you found a abandoned space station. Has you scavenge the supplies you need you realize that the space station is far from empty. Fortunately, the station also contains a number of upgrades which allow you to defeat said enemies and explore ever further.

With it’s retro look and cool soundtrack Null divide is quick fun game to play that can be finish rather quickly.

Official site: mtmbsstudos

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Today feature two games featuring female heroes. I always liked girls who can kick ass as long it’s not mine.

Match Girl

You are a little girl making her way through dark passageways. It’s so dark, in fact, that you can’t see unless you light a match. But YOU ONLY GET ONE per level!


Match girl is a game made by DDRKirby and xellaya’s in the Ludum Dare. I’m really impress with the result that game could be a great game on device where you could unlock level with in app purchase or something.

The game can be beat in a few minute it’s took me 7 minutes to beat it with 3 death and 4 retry. I took me less time to beat it than to write about it 😉


Play it here : Match Girl

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Heroine’s Quest: The Herald Of Ragnarok

Heroine’s Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok is an adventure / RPG hybrid. Like in many adventure games, you have a world to save, and must use your wit, guile and inventory to puzzle your way through. Like in many roleplaying games, you can customize your character with various classes and skills, and must train yourself in combat to stand a chance against the fierce monsters in your way.

After  a long winter a Heroine is called upon, to stand against the forces of frost and put an end to the lasting winter. Her might, sorcery, and cunning may be humanity’s last resort. Are you up to the task, or will you die trying?

The game a a nice Sierra Quest for glory look where you battle your way through troll, giant and dragon. Check out the video and download the game for free.

Official site: Heroine’s Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok

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After playing to much Hack slash n loot I’ve decided looking for some game with a medieval feel. Here what I’ve found for you


You only get one button in GRAIL make good use of it. Timing your move and your attack is everything in this game, you go through a dungeon filled with trap, pit and skeleton.


Playing GRAIL can be really frustrating, you sometime don’t jump at the right time, your not near enough an enemy and miss it, the enemy don’t. I got tired after awhile but go for it and give it a try. You must give Paul credit though, for crafting a game like that in only 48 hr.

Paul Lawitzki’s GRAIL is a Ludum Dare 28 entry check out the game on is site: Play GRAIL

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Heroes of Steel – A grim adventure for a Tactical RPG

Heroes of Steel is a old style turn-based tactics RPG in which you lead a group of four unique characters. You chose your characters and lead them to epic glory through the game well crafted story.

I’ve just installed the game. At first you get to choose your heroes you can change there classes in some cases but you need to pay to unlock the other classes. You end up in a dungeon and you need to escape out, the wizard already know a secret tunnel but you got to fight your way through the guard.

Moving can feel pain at the beginning specially when you are not in combat but once you understand how to send your character at the right place with a double tap then hold your golden. Combat are turn base you get to either start before or after the enemies. You play all your character together and  the enemies attack all at the same time which makes doing a surprise attack (or not getting surprise) super important.

The game is free but you need to pay if you want further episode after the demo, you have in app purchase to buy new classes.

Check out the teaser video it seems to be a very cool game.

This game is available on mobile device but not out yet on pc (may 2014).

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Have fun both game are free.

Last post on Star War & Star Trek inspired me to write another post on some space games that were sitting in my to review list. They may be not has “Grandiose” has KOTOR or inventive has Star Trek: Trexels but they definitely deserve a look.

Mighty Tactical Shooter: Plan your move

Gradius and tactical space battle meet together in the nicely done indies games Mighty Tactical Shooter. From the game info quote : “Make your way through multiple levels across four distinct themed chapters. Face challenges that wouldn’t be possible in any other type of shooter. Adopt new skills and tactics as the ship repairs, enemies diversify and the plot unfolds. A 2D side scrolling arcade shoot ‘em up, but turn based.” Like they say at the end : It’s about tactics, not reflex. Your move.


It may not have speed of Gradius but fi you want a different take on tactics and story instead of a standard “shoot’em up” will want to definitely give it a try.

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Halfway: A Sci-fi Jagged Alliance

An alien force has invaded your spaceship and your crew need to throught the hallway of it to get rid of these nasty alien. That turn-based tactical strategy draw a lot of turn base fight from a old game I’ve played called Jagged Alliance on PC. Each character has its own tactical abilities, so they will all have to attack, defend, move, use items, and reload to stay alive during battles.


Halfway will be heading to tablets later this year after its initial desktop release.

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Camp Keepalive

Camp Keepalive is a turn-based strategy game that explores the horror movie genre but in a video game. Translating horror movie to video game never really hit the spot (that for almost for any movie for that matter), most of them didn’t manage to really bring back the horror spirit of the original movies.
KillScreen did a really nice review about that game and how Camp Keepalive manage to embrace the horror “movie” genre successfully.


KillScreen Review 
Official game site (demo available)

The Amber Throne

The Amber Throne
This game caught my attention by the amazing old school graphical look and it RPG style. It’s not done yet but I wanted to bring it to your attention by it beautiful scenery. The game simply look epic and the story too : ” Long ago, the Amber God saw a prophetic vision of his death during a rebellion and knew the power of the throne couldn’t fall into the wrong hands. ”

You can look below at a nexample of what the battle will look like. They won’t be random, you have be in contact with the enemy to fight it.

The Amber Throne

Development is about half finished and a Windows release is planned for Winter.
The Amber Throne

Check Indie games detail of the game

River City Ransom: Underground

For those we don’t know they’re a kickstarter projet that trying to bring back the NES classic River City Ransom.
Good new, they have meets the Funding Goal but if you want it to help them reach their stretch goal you can always go on the kickstarter page and pledge.

River City Ransom: Underground

More info at Game politic

If you want to see the KickStarter project check it here.

I’ve talked and reviewed Lone Survivor awhile ago and it seems that the game made a come back on the PlayStation store yesterday (25th of September) in Europe and is coming to the us in the upcoming week (or two according to this source).

Curve Studios  worked really hard to port the wonderful side-scrolling horror game to Playstation.

It is not the old game it has some additional content, hence the “Director’s Cut” in the name. The new game will have new lighting system, new dialogue, over 20 new items, brand-new endings, and plenty more.

The game will available for PS3 and vita. This version will also be ported for pc and mac on steam but no release date was given. (source: EuroGamer)

P.S: Funny story, my spell checker want to change Lone survivor to Loan Survivor that would be a very funny title for a game! no ?