I’ve talked about my love of Worms (not the one in the ground, the one in the game from Team 17) awhile ago and how DDTank poorly copied them.  Our favorite invertebrates are back and this time there fighting among themselves on mobile.

Another new feature is the card mode, which allows players to change the start and end of each of their turns by playing strategic cards dealt out at the beginning of the game.

Rewards are collected throughout the game enabling the in-game purchase of bronze, silver or gold cards.

It’s on special on the app store at the time of this writing, grab it while you can.

Itune Link

TKO – multiserver battle


For many server it’s time to enroll for the multi-server battle that will will start at 19:00 the 23rd of April. Take time to move all (or at least all your best heroes) in your main and enroll. Note that its only a 48hr enrollment so don’t wait to much.

Note these few things from the announcement:

1.  It will copy the building type and level of main city at appointed time.
2.  It will copy the technology level of main city at appointed time.
3.  It will copy the level, equipment, skill, ability, status and so on of heroes ( including standing by, support and calling back) in main city. All the heroes will be full stamina and standing by in the city of Multi-server Campaign Server. Please note you need to recall your generals first.

That mean that the only items you will bring from the servers are the items equipped on your heroes in your main.

guanyu garding castle

You can check how it work here : http://forum.koramgame.com/thread-56921-1-1.html


DDtanks is currently doing a promo right now for the whole week, there a fortification reward and discount bonuses, check it our on there site or here :

here the details :

1. Super Fortification with More Awesome Rewards
During the event, ( April 20th – April 22nd, PDT), players who fortify any items up to +7,
+8, +9, +10, +10, +11 and +12 will get different awesome rewards. The higher levels the
fortified items are, the more and better rewards players will get.

Bonus Rewards Include:
+7 Fortification: Receive Junior Drills (x6)
+8 Fortification: Receive Junior Drills (x12)??Divine Amulet (x1), 25% Amulet (x1)
+9 Fortification: Receive Junior Drills (x18)??Divine Amulet (x2), 25% Amulet (x2)
+10 Fortification: Receive Junior Drills (x24)??Divine Amulet (x3), 25% Amulet (x3)
+11 Fortification: Junior Drills (x30), Lv.5 Energy Stone (x1), Lv.3 Attribute Pearl (x1)
+12 Fortification: Junior Drills (x36), Lv.5 Energy Stone (x2), Lv.3 Attribute Pearl (x1)



Up to 50% Off Bring More Benefits
From April 19th to April 27th, the discount gift package with 50% off will be sold in Shop of YooGames DDTank. Please check the awesome items in the package and enjoy the
benefits now!


Weekend Double-Downs
Spring is the season of growth; to celebrate, receive double EXP and double Glory every weekend during April!
Every Sat and Sun during the month of April, players will receive double EXP all day and double Glory from 20:00 till 23:00. During this event, if players use Double EXP Cards and Double Glory Cards, they will receive quadruple EXP and quadruple Glory.
EXP x2 and Glory x2


DDtank server merge


Yesterday (march 13) DDtank merged the server 1 and the server 2
Here a extract from there press release for more info:

To respond to your request, improve the atmosphere of the gaming environment and give you a better experience in game with more partners and more challenges,
YooGames DDTank on 2012.3.13 PDT will merge server 1 Canyon and server
2 Treasure after a temporary maintenance(for the exact times please visit the
YooGames DDTank website:http://www.yoogames.com/ddt/ and forums)?

Special thanks to all that have been supporting YooGames DDTank all this while!
We will give all of you more chances to share your in-game experience,battle with
stronger opponents,and make new friends!

After the merge, there will be these events,be the first to check them out:

Event 1: Celebration of merging! Double (what’s bless?)
Event 2: Celebration of merging, free packages! Will be gift away
Event 3: Melting Jewelry for merging of the server
Event 4: Fortifying weapon, hat, shield/arm because of the server merge!
Event 5: Marriage event!
(for details log on to YooGames DDTank webpage and forums:">http://


Let these events ignite our passions,what are you waiting for?Join the family of
YooGames DDTank now!

Three Kingdom Online U25, U26 & U27 Server Merge


There is a merge of 6 server into 3 utlimate server. I’m not on any of these server though.
Here the detail:

19:00 Mar. 21th to 19:00 22th Mar. (PDT)
S50, S52 -> Ultimate Server 25
S51, S53 -> Ultimate Server 26
U12, U18 -> Ultimate Server 27

If you are merging go check their forum thread explaining the merge, it pretty much the same as other merge but it always good to remember what happening.


You can check my other articles on the server merge.
How to prepare for a merge
My first merge
Ultimate server merge war lasted 1 day

Clash Of kingdom L5, L7 and L10 Server merge poll


L5, L7 and L10 are almost done, while we don’t have a hard date, Koram is asking for suggestion on how to do the merge.
You can check the forum thread and give your opinion if your one of those server.
Here the forum thread : http://forum.koramgame.com/thread-53846-6-1.html
Here where you can vote on one of 4 option : http://forum.koramgame.com/thread-54250-1-1.html


I think Merging all 3 servers into 1 its bad, having many characters in the same server is very annoying to do specially with the new koram start page. Some players are stuck with 3 and more different character they need to switch.
Instead of merging everybody in 1 server, create 3 new L servers with different maps (one with 6, one with 8 one with 3) and kingdoms for each account ID to pick. This will allows players to split up their IDs into different kingdoms and reduce the pain of account switching.
So from that perspective I think the best option is the last one (option 4) have 3 new server and legion can change server.
So go give your opinion you have until march 15th 11h59PM PST.


I’ve been suggested to look at a new game call DDTank. I seem pretty recent since most review date from the end of 2011.

DDTank is  kind of Worms like game with mmo element to, where to aim you give the angle you throw and how much power you put behind it. I might not have the nifty weaponry of worm but have a lot of element to it. They’re a weird thing with the name, there no tank in the game which is misleading.

When you start the game, you much first create a character and then you start with a basic weapon, a Hammer.
After a quick tutorial where they explain how to shoot, equip weapon, do mission and how to play vs other player you get a good sense of the game.

You can fight up with 3 others player, bigger fight would probably be a lot of fun too but it currently only support 4 player fight.
From what I played getting the physic right is really hard. In my first fight it took about 10 shoot before me or my opponent to hit each other.  That probably due to the only 10 second to aim which is not a lot. Another things that weird it’s it can by your turn twice or your opponent cans go twice before you, it prevents some kind of abuse like oh no he’s next so better hide but it remove at the same time the sense of what should you really be doing. Oh and once you shoot it seems you can move, maybe that only me but I would like to use my whole 10 seconds.


One thing I found from the few game I played the fact that there leveling and pay for advantage might be a great idea but in the game sense it feel unfair. On my first game my opponent was using a better weapon and boost and did 2-3 time the damage I did. Lucky for me he seems to have no clue how to aim when we are close so I was able to win anyway. In even if you both have the same weapon and number of worm, the map and who started the turn could do the whole difference between victory and defeat, with DDTank you have the same element but other can have a weapon advantages which increase the feeling of unfairness.
What to do
If you’re not playing the city provide you with a lot of stuff to do, from training to mission and shopping for new gear. You can even have a wedding with your other DDTank friend.

The idea behind DDTank are great but not exploited to its fullest. Since it’s new, they probably have a lot of good stuff coming so let keep a good eye on the game.