Do you still remember your first time playing with NES? Do you miss the fun of Contra and Mental Slug? Thenew browser-based MMO shooter Free Counterfire is pretty much the upgraded version of them with amazing maps and play modes, hundreds of weapons, and of course, millions of players all over the world. It’ll definitely remind you of the happy days in childhood.

Gamebox’s Free Counterfire will launch its first official server on Aug.6 at

Watch Free Counterfire trailer:

Aiming to bring players the childhood fun, Free Counterfire diversifies its fighting modes, rewards, quests and etc. With over 10 operations (Deep in Jungle, Global Operation, Save the Beauty etc.), 3 modes (Boss Challenging, Survival and Zombies mode), 200 weapons and 50 skills, you can enjoy the fun of boasting personal shooting skills and immerse yourself in teamwork.

It’s easy to understand why players identify their childhood fun in this game. “We’re gonna make it the best side-scrolling shooting game where players can have fun in their spare online time”, says Gamebox, developer of the game.

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I’ve received a lot of press release recently so here are a summary of all of them this week.

General War update: Memories’ New Alliance Feature

After the release of 2 new servers, Gamebox’s General War: Memories  have launched a new alliance competition feature  – Land Rush. This land rush is not about poverty, but cooperation & authority!

From there press release :

“The  Unassigned Lands are four neutral cities: Pairs, Rome, Berlin and London.  You, together with your alliance members, can take part in the land rush for four Neutral Cities every three days. Each alliance can send ten members at most to participate in each battle.

Manual fighting, strategic skills and battle items are permitted. All players joining the Land Rush can receive gifts according to their HQ level at the end of each battle. Alliance which captures the city at the end of the battle will receive a big gift pack containing lots of gifts which will be distributed by the commander.

During the occupation of the city, all the alliance members can receive some occupation earnings, including silver, Exp, MR and RP. The proportion of these earnings will change as the different types of city.Except for Land Rush, you may find more events and activities in this game. General War: Memories, the game itself promises to deliver a realistic, exciting and vivid gameplay experience. Now the game is becoming increasingly complete, why not give a try?”

Note: they got paris wrong 🙂

Free Counterfire

Free Counterfire  is a side scrolling shooter like Contra and many game of the 8/16 bit area. The developer even say it’s a Contra game online (quote from their press release):

“Missed the golden times playing Contra on your Nintendo? Now imagine that awesomeness goes online!”

the official trailer: 

Pantheon Legend

A new card game is coming from gamebox you can read it all in my other post: 

First Peek at the Original Paintings of Pantheon Legend


from On Game Creative, creators of Bubblis

Stontrix is a puzzle game where stone drop and you have to align them to clear them. More info on the game if I can get a hand on a game code.

copy of the complete press release here :

Yeah! new partner

I’m pleased to announce a partnership with our friend at The Gizmo Den and Live Points Direct.

The Gizmo Den is a shop for game and game accessories, mostly for console game but give it a look.

Live Points Direct is a shop to buy game and itune gift cards.

News : Counterfire 2 Close Beta

(Note that this article is part of a press-release that was set to us, I slightly change it to make it shorter but the essence is there)

The MMO real-time third person online shooting game, Free Counterfire (published by Gamebox) enters into 2 Free  Counterfire  is  based  on  the  theme  of  counter  strike  and  features funny cartoon style.

The player takes on the role of a retired soldier who is invited to join  a  secret  organization  with the  purpose  of  destroying  a terrorist  group.  Engaging  in  sophisticated  Real  Time  Strategy,  gamers progress  through  various  fun  and  four  action-packed  battle  modes including  single  player,  story &stage mode, team mode  and  capture the flag mode.Battle  system,  firearms  system,  global  action  and  quest  system  are four  systems  in  the  Free  Counterfire.  With  unparalleled  graphics  and gameplay,  players  will  battle  alongside  3  other  players  in  warfare using up to a hundred real guns, such as the AK4, M16, and more. Free Counterfire is easy to operate and all operations required only 7 buttons. The closed beta test start on June 19 PDT.

Tactical intervention on the whole is hardcore with fast-paced  gameplay that requires team tactics, careful plan and skills.
In  the  game,  players  will  fight  from  the  desert  to  the  jungle,  from  the countryside  to  the  city  all  over  the  world.  Moreover,  the  rich  special scene  effects  add  geographical  features  to  the  game.  For  more  details, see the link at the end of the post.

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Counterfire 2

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