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You guys seem to have loved my Hunie pop review and guide to get all the girl (the later is actually my highest visited post here). So I’ve decided to review and probably make a guide on a game that came out a few weeks ago by the same dev team called Hunie Cam Studio. It has a strong NSFW theme without really showing that much stuff except from some few girls clothing (So yeah, NSFW warning!)


Not Hunie pop 2

Hunie cam studio is the new opus from the creator of the kinky puzzle game hunie pop but the only thing that it has from is predecessor is that most of the girls are back for a lucrative career in cam work.

Hunie cam studio has beautiful art likes its predecessor (a bit more zynga-ish though) but the similarity stop there, other that having to have the most number of fans by day 21 that is pretty much the plot. No interaction with the girl, no puzzle, no hidden girl (that I know of).

Hopefully I manage to kill your expectation of being like Hunie pop because it’s not, It’s a whole other game that is more of a clicker than anything.

Kyu  cam girl empire


Kyu need a new manager for her HunieCam Studio, seem that your free and she lets you the huge favor of taking on the whole operation.

So has the manager of the Cam Studio, you handle all studio operation. Hiring new women to grow your cam girl empire, training them, putting them to work, upgrading your studio, sending them to the spa to relax after a few days of hard work, doing errand for you, etc.


Each performer have theirs fetish specialties, along with needs and desires, some smoke other drink some do both or none of them, this impact how they handle stress when they work.

Fetish specialties impact what kind of fan you attract to your studio and what kind of fan watch the girls doing there show. Item (sex toys…) can help you attract other kind of fan of a particular fetish (cake farting … really ?)

I can be a good idea to give all your performer the same kind of toy so that can benefit the same fan.


Final verdict

Not bad but can get boring really quickly, because you will end up doing the same thing every time you replay the game minus a few things depending on who you pick. It’s actually really quick to play and get to 21 days (a few hours), you can always continue after that but unfortunately there no point in doing that. If you like a good clicker game and a strong adult theme this will be your cup of tea, otherwise you might want to wait for hunie pop 2.

To recap:

  • strong nsfw theme without showing the nsfw stuff (some girl cloths are borderline though)
  • quick to play and master -the cast of hunie pop is back with some new character too.
  • great art
  • funny and snarky comment
  • don’t expect a puzzle game like hunni pop
  • game play cans seem repetitive (require a lot of clicking)
  • character lack personality compared to hunie pop
  • would be better suited has a mobile game



I’ve completely forgot to write about Dragon Quest VI when It’s came out. I’ve written about Dragon quest VIII  probably the best available dragon quest (and rpg in general) on tablet, we talked about Dragon quest I & II which are both great game and Dragon quest III is on the way (released in japan not elsewere)

The fourth installment of dragon quest, Dragon quest IV: Chapter of the chosen, is very different from other dragon quest in the way the story is structured. You play different chapter to learn about the story of each of your characters until chapter 5, which is basically 80% of the game, where (spoiler alert) you reunite with all of them. Another welcoming addition the introduction of the wagon. Everything else the game is pretty similar to the others except that you can’t change classes like in DQ III.

If you don’t want to be spoiled, go buy it and play it immediately on itune, Google play, Nintendo DS or on the old school nes. If you don’t mind move along.

The first chapter is the shortest Ragnar a fighter who need to investigate the missing children for the king and they go on to find the chosen one.
The second Chapter is about a rebel princess named Alena that want to prove her strength. The third chapter is with Tonerko, a merchant that wants to build is own shop. The fourth chapter is with two sisters, Meena and Maya, that seeking revenge for the death of their father. The final chapter (in the original game) is with the chosen hero who will travel the world to find the characters from the previous chapters and legendary gear to defeat the evil Psaro.

The recent remake of the game include a sixth chapter, where you discover more of the story of Psaro & Rose and who the bad guy really is. You can to be able to have Psaro join you to fight that new bad guy (I don’t want to spoil you to much). Note that Psaro is freakingly OP compare to the other characters, only the hero seems to be not so bad compare to him.

Note: since it’s an old school RPG, expect a lot of random encounter, if you’re playing a recent version they are tuned down a bit but still annoying.

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Note to my reader, this a another press release from gamebox for the game General War. I didn’t wrote it so might notice that they don’t do the same spelling mistakes I do. I didn’t receive any money from them or anything else except a mail. Enjoy !

Meticulously recreated the brutal WWII, the browser game “General War: Memories” (published by Gamebox) has attracted dramatic attention and popularity during the past week of 1st closed
beta test. Offering gamers the riveting opportunity to relive battles, it brings wonderful war experience and also arouses heat interactions between players. Now its 2nd (also the last) beta test is underway.

Pic1 (2)

This test brings with it a number of optimizations and new features sure to satisfy the fans. With quicker loading, better user interfaces, simpler tutorial, new players will be able to jump into the battle action faster than ever. And new ranking and matchmaking features ensure that players can always find the perfect opponent of their level.
The importance of strategies and allies are more emphasized in the latest version. By using smart strategies and fighting alongside alliance mates, players may even have chance to defeat enemies who seemed out of their league.

Pic2 (2)

It is still not perfect, though. And that’s why Gamebox released the second beta test and made it very accessible for players to submit their suggestions. After the polishing, General War: Memories is expected to launch its official open beta server in early May.

Previous article on General War: General War Closed Beta 

p.s.: Don’t worry guy new fresh articles are coming.

Note to my reader, this a press release from gamebox for the game Project Tank. I didn’t wrote it so might notice that they don’t do the same spelling mistakes I do. I didn’t receive any money from them or anything else except a mail. Enjoy !

With over 400 tanks, 200 maps, and zero installations, Project Tank brings
players back to amazingly realistic historic battle scenes. In its closed beta
phase, Project Tank has already attracted over 200,000 players worldwide in
a week.


The Project Tank battlefield allows up to 30 players to team up and fight in
one battle. If you are a fan of MMO, action and strategy games, or just the
adrenaline-pumping and fast-paced gameplay, this is your tank contest.


The 3D graphics, the true-to-life battles, the realistic environment are the real
highlights of the game. Receiving comments of “World of Tanks look-alike”
and “browser-based version of World of Tanks”, its publisher Gamebox has stated their intention to reconstruct the real tank battles in history and will use
a whole new set of tank models before its open beta phase.


For more details:

Super easy mode

I’ve changed the theme to something more stylish and recent.

And for today I found some really funny video at college humour.

Check it out here.

Website redesign

The site is not acquiring a lot of visitor recently so I decided to try new theme on it, so expect the site to change from day to day.
I’ll probably create a twitter account to have some follower come in and interact more directly.
If you have any suggestions don’t be afraid to leave them in a comment.

Emperor’s Road Survey

There a survey on Koramgame forum about if the Emperor’s Road should still be in the game and how to make it more accessible.

Personaly I haven’t be able to grab a state capital or else give a shot at the emperor road. The main problem I see from the two server I’ve played it’s that usally a strong league came up, then when the empreor road start they grab most of the state capital and then attack the other league to grab the other state capital. Once that’s done on of there member who willing to put a lot of cash into gold acheive the rank of generalissimo and grab luo yang, and then the whole league concentrate on helping him build the imperal palace and clearing the other league that remain alive.

Note that the feature is cool but maybe it should be more accesible.

Here the link to the survey :