The Terragenesis team updated the game last week-end and it’s gorgeous. I’ve unfortunately had to re-install the game (I’m on an old android version Alex was writing about) and lost some of my save, but still worth it. The graphics were updated, the game seems more fluid (Have to wait for a real biosphere to confirm) and they added some neat feature here and there.
Here some of them:
Gorgeous Graphics

Old graphic
New from 5.0

The biggest selling point, there is even a ship instead of a transmission.

A new menu at the top of the screen, when you’re not on the main planet screen.

Pretty useful to move around between your biosphere, cities and research.

Now there is a slider too chose the level of a facility.

If you have a level X ice launcher you can scale it back to VII if that what you need to stabilizes your water level.

The factions all have a different victory condition.
Now in order to win you need independence and respect the faction victory conditions.

Gaian: You need to get Paradise and all stabilize your planet parameters (Temperature, pressure, oxygen and water)
Son of Hephaestus: leave the planet habitability the same you started the game with.
Horizon: get 1 Billion credit (1 000 000 000)
United Nation Space Administration: get 500M of population
This change the game play a bit, no need for habitability for Horizon or the son of Hephaestus.
I need to go update my Mars walkthrought…
New and improve tutorial.
A switch game menu to easily switch between games.
You can skip all your update message.
New world to play : historical earth.

Am I missing anything ? What your favorite feature of the update ?