Just a bunch of management game I wanted to talk about and never had the time to do so. With most Facebook game (read Zynga and EA ) closing I was wondering what out there so here a few title that grabbed my attention, not all are good but I though I could have a few word about them.

Pocket Stables (ios/Android)


This game is probably one of the more interesting of the 4. You start off as a ranch owner and need to work breeding the fastest horses in the country and winning every championship race that exist.

The game is simple, has the owner of the ranch you train and breed horses so they can take place in race. Depending how you rank in the race you gain money.  You can assign each horse a training and a trainer. You can hire jockeys and trainers, expand your ranch to build more training facility or bigger stable.

It’s a pretty fun game and doesn’t depend on you doing stuff then having to come back 10 minutes later like the farmvilles of this world.


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1849 (PC/Steam)

1849 let you build a city in the wild west, it’s kind of Simcity in the gold rush.

From Indies Retro News :

You decide to head out west, to seek fame and wealth in the approaching Gold Rush. Will you strike gold and become an overnight mining magnate? Or will you build your fortune bit by bit by supplying 49ers with pickaxes and blue jeans? 1849 is a city management game where your task is to build towns, populate them with workers, and make sure that they are housed, fed, and entertained.

1849 seem a nice game but it’s simply a city builder likes Sim City, don’t expect much more. I can be quite enjoyable and the setting might makes you forget about Sim City but it’s none the less very similar. It fun to revisit a good old concept in a new setting but note that there isn’t that much to do after a while.

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New Rock City (Facebook)

New Rock City is Sim City Social meet The Flintstones. You need to repair road, build shop and collect tax to build the perfect bedrock city. The game mechanics are pretty much the same has Sim City Social, you have the energy to build stuff, you need to collect stuff after a certain time and you are blast with a zillion thing on the screen that flashes and move which can be pretty annoying. If you like Sim City Social, give it a try you’ll probably like it for the rest of you there better thing to do around here.

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Play it : https://www.facebook.com/PlayNRC

Evil Genius Online (Facebook)

Despicable me meet Sim Social. Build your evil lair, recruit minions and start doing evil mission. Basically you lair is like your house, where you can expand it and buy furniture. The object you buy either have a purpose (locker give more minion, Money laundering machine give cash) or are purely aesthetical. You can do mission in your command center and that pretty much has far I managed to go. The ideas of the game are great but the formula seems reheated from the similar passed title (Sim Social, The Ville) with a new theme. Again give it a try if you like these kind of game, the premise of the game is great but the format (Facebook management game) not so much.

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Play it: Evil Genius Online