The Cave of Atman

The Cave of Atman

The Cave of Atman is a puzzle with a RPG twist on it. Each class attack differently and they level up by killing the aura of the defeated enemies.

The game play is quite simple and the puzzle are really easy at the beginning, but it’s get harder has you progress. But fear not new class join your quest with new attack and range. Classes like the mage or archer can execute ranged attacks, while fighters are only able to strike at adversaries that are adjacent to them. Note that they all of them can only move and strike once per level. If you’ve made a mistake, you can click on the last action and it will reset it, in some case you need to use the retry button and reset the room for another try.

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Crystal story II

Crystal Story II is the sequel of Crystal Story and you can play both on Kongregates. While you might think that the mechanic are somewhat déjà vu, it will definitely bring you back the memory of you good NES and SNES RPG. It was design and code by Emmanuel Salva Cruz and he had a team of artists and musicians for the graphic and music.

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Hypnotic Owl’s The Wizard

In The Wizard, the player takes on the role of a wizard who is on a quest to retrieve his face from the thief that just stole it.  Unlike the The Cave of Atman the RPG element is more omnipresent. Fear not each level are carefully design to make you think and everything is turn base.

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