I’ve received a mail in my spam today with a grin news. Lord of Ultima will be no more, the stop receiving payment for in-game items, block all new account and will close the game on may 12th 2014.




It a shame considering it was a well polished game compare to some of the crap some other studio come out with.

Knowing EA tough it’s not that surprising, they have been know to kill there social game. They’re not the only one to do that, Zynga is notorious for doing that too.

That bring an interesting though, when you think about it Tribal war and Travian are way less polished and made by smaller developer but still running strong.

It seems smaller publisher continues to release new servers even if there are a bit less people playing just to satisfy their community, while bigger company tends to sunset their games in favor of new one instead. (the announcement came with a free package for a Commander & conquer browser game). Probably fearing the existing user base of the old game mights cannibalize the new one.

You can read more about Lord of Ultima being retired on the main site.