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There a lot of hate for candy crush so you probably wonder why some of our friends are still playing it.

here the answer, candy crush is pure evil :

I recently wrote about the candy jam and obnoxious use of a trademark on the word candy. I could help it when I found more goodies from the candy jam. I hope you like them!

Candy Scroll Justice Saga – Free first person RPG (indie retro news)

stickycandy The King want is Candy, trademark saga continue…

Doom and candy crush saga finally meet together to give a fps with some eye candy in it. You are trapped in the evil King dungeon (see what they did there) and you must crush the king sweet candy to escape.

Candy Puppet Saga

stickycandy The King want is Candy, trademark saga continue…

Mr Red, as the main protagonist in his quest to start his own business as a candyman, by invading the candy planet and killing everyone.

The two following are RPG, a genre we didn’t got much in the previous post.

Candy Hooker Saga

stickycandy The King want is Candy, trademark saga continue…

This one is in this list because of its name mostly, you play as Candy the Hooker, being a borderline bipolar candy crush addict, trying to attract customers and thinking about your life as you go.

This game is actually a funny twist. Somewhat NSFW, well not really. See it for yourself.

The Candymancer Saga

stickycandy The King want is Candy, trademark saga continue…

Candies make everyone happy! That’s why you, a candymancer apprentice, were sent to make every creature around the kingdom of Candyland happy. By feeding them candies! The Candymancer Saga is an RPG of epic proportions!

This one is actually a real RPG, where you fight monster with the power of candy, once the monster have eaten to much the leave you alone and you gain max hp.

Crush the Candy King Saga

stickycandy The King want is Candy, trademark saga continue…

And the final pick a puzzle game, closer to the original game we are trying to copy. Crush the candy king saga in kind of a reverse candy crush, the king throws candy at you and you need to crush them to prevent the king from make line of the three same candy.

Play Crush the candy king saga 

More game from the candy jam on Indie retro news and

Candy Scroll Justice Saga

CandyJam Compilation!

CandyJam Compilation 2!

Today two side-scroller on PC that are pretty cool, review say that they are Metroid like but I don’t see it.


Spud’s Quest

Spud’s Quest mixes up the puzzle and platform sequences quite well: some require speaking to people, others are Sokoban-like (pushing boxes and other items), and several require finding and dropping the necessary item somewhere specific to advance. Some areas require gaining new abilities to progress, as well, a trope Metroid fans should be all too familiar with. Enemies aren’t annoyingly tough, and you have unlimited, short-ranged ammo to dispose of them.

Buy it here.

Valdis Story: Abyssal City

As an action platformer with a heavy dose of exploration, Valdis Story does this aspect of its job well. There are plenty of enemies to dismantle and treasure chests to unlock throughout the levels, so progression tends to move at a decent and engaging pace. The normal enemies don’t pose too much of a threat. You’ll have to pay attention while fighting groups, but single foes are dispatched easily enough. These fights are best used to learn the ins and outs of combat, how to use the dash mechanic, and discover the uses of your magic spells.

Buy it here.

More “flappy”ing bird

You love Flappy bird and want to see how you well you do compare to hundred of other player live?

Flappy MMO is perfect for you, hundred and thousand of bird or fish dying every second and you see them dying live while you tap to glory. I can’t be a bit hard to concentrate with all those birds flying around you, but don’t worry once you reach the third pipe you will probably be one of the few who know it way around a pipe.



Or maybe you’ll ratter participate in the flappy space program, send has many birds you can into orbit. If you click to slow they will never leave earth, to fast and the will be sent in other space.


Join flappy space program

RIP Lord of Ultima

I’ve received a mail in my spam today with a grin news. Lord of Ultima will be no more, the stop receiving payment for in-game items, block all new account and will close the game on may 12th 2014.




It a shame considering it was a well polished game compare to some of the crap some other studio come out with.

Knowing EA tough it’s not that surprising, they have been know to kill there social game. They’re not the only one to do that, Zynga is notorious for doing that too.

That bring an interesting though, when you think about it Tribal war and Travian are way less polished and made by smaller developer but still running strong.

It seems smaller publisher continues to release new servers even if there are a bit less people playing just to satisfy their community, while bigger company tends to sunset their games in favor of new one instead. (the announcement came with a free package for a Commander & conquer browser game). Probably fearing the existing user base of the old game mights cannibalize the new one.

You can read more about Lord of Ultima being retired on the main site.

The Flappy bird went away


After Flappy bird went away developer / apps makers rushed to elance to build the clone that going to rules them all.

It generated a game jam just like the previous candy jam.

They are even tutorial to show you how to do it. Here is a nice one with sprite builder.

Here some recent notable clone

Flappy Bird Typing Tutor


imagebest score


Flappy Olympic


Flappy Mouse


If you prefer the reverse gameplay squishybird is for you, instead of navigating through pipe you have to squash all the bird that try to pass the pipe.

By the way check the great article from Mattie brice about flappy bird, capitalism and all the rage around the game.

A bit of “Nestalgia”

I’m having a bit of nostalgia right now with that video of all nes games screen, my god most of the time the sound is awful but I just love when it hit a game I know / played. Note it’s all in alphabetical order and it almost 3hr.

Notable one Castlevania at 0:22:38, Dragon Warrior/Quest 0:40:25, Final Fantasy 0:49:04, Legend of Zelda 1:22:45,Mega man 1:30:01, Metroid 1:32:00 and our favorite plumber at 2:19:55)

I never realized that they were so many baseball game…

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D&D Yoga ? Mixing the fine art of yoga with Dungeons & Dragons sounded silly at first but the result is quite interesting. I know that not in the realm of video games but the whole project is so odds that I had to write about it.

Check out the video at

Dungeon masters meets yoga

Being late on stuff is my thing but I usually don’t talk about the “legal” trademark trolling that happen around game. But after King decides to trademark the word Saga and now the word “candy” (what next ? crush to get the trifecta) I told myself are you Forking kidding me ?

Look like some developer decided to go up against King and thrown an impromptu game jam has sprung up in response to news.

The Candy Jam was thrown together by developers Caribou (@caribouloche) and T-Wave (@uuav).

Developers submitted links to their games, along with images and a description, through the Candy Jam Tumblr page before the February 3rd submissions deadline.

Here a some of candy game from the jam:

Candy Puzzle Saga

Candy Avoid Saga (Keybol)

Candy’s Crushes Saga

Candy Crunch Legend

Candy Combo (Matt Rix)

Note : All images are from

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Candy Crush is pure Evil (Gamesbrief) production line  (Gamesbrief)

Final Fantasy VI

For those who don’t know one of my favorite game of all time Final Fantasy VI is out on android and iOs. It come out with “improved” graphic and hopefully with the extra goodies of the gameboy advance version (Dragon Den’s, new espers, etc) 

I’m big fan of this game, I’ve even recently finished the gameboy advance version. I find that the game might be a big expensive at 15.99$ for a mobile game, but If you think about it the original game was around 60$.

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Dragon Sky: Final Fantasy meet Clash of Titan

It seems that Square Enix is going to be inspired by Supercell’s Clash of Clans with its upcoming RTS Dragon Sky.
from the few images we got it seems that their mixing the artwork familiar Final Fantasy-loving crowd with the base-raiding gameplay of CoC, Dragon Sky has a lot going on.
It’s even have Final Fantasy XI composer Naoshi Mizuta attached to the project.

A large portion of Dragon Sky will focus on multiplayer battles and cooperative raid boss instances, but there is also a single-player campaign that doles out the story behind the events of the world.

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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is on sale for iOS and Android

If you’re a fan of the series and balked at the asking price, you can grab the game on iOS and Android right now for a cut-down price to celebrate the imminent release of Final Fantasy VI on iOS.

You can pick Final Fantasy IV: The After Years up right now for £7.49 / $10.99 from the App Store and the Google Play Store.