Two really good game were released on mobile from these franchise, one for each franchise actually. Here a quick review of each game

Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old Republic


You may remember that awesome game on console & pc or you never played it but keep hearing about it from your friend. Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) was a massive success and received many praises by the critics for it’s innovative game play and immersive story.

“The story takes place approximately 4,000 years before the rise of the Galactic Empire. Former Jedi Darth Malak, a Dark Lord of the Sith and Darth Revan‘s former apprentice, has unleashed a Sith armada against the Republic. Malak’s aggression has left the Jedi scattered and vulnerable; many Jedi Knights have fallen in battle and others have sworn allegiance to Malak and Revan.”


If you liked the original and want a second try or you never played it but would love to hear from it here your chance to play it on iOs.

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Star Trek Trexels


If you liked building your death star in Star wars: Tiny Death Star but Star Trek is more your cup of Tea, you are in luck! A mobile game base on the original Star trek series have recently be released on the app store.

You explore planets and complete a series of tasks. These involve laser gun fights, destroying alien machinery, and negotiating with the native species. Some tasks are somewhat repetitive but it’s easily forgotten by the conversations between crew members during these peril-filled story and with the authentic 1960s Star Trek music.

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Hopefully more game from these franchise will be released soon.  Meanwhile, let us know in the comment what is you favorite Star Wars / Star Trek game.