It’s the Holiday season and there nothing better than Christmas Themed games to keep your holiday spirit !!




Just in time for Christmas, Terraria [PC, PS3, Xbox, iOs, Android] is getting the holliday spirit, have a you’ll now have the chance to score a Christmas ornament when chopping down trees, mobs can drop present and you can now beat the frost legion like last year to save santa.

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Sing and Play Jingle Bells

P2 Games has launched a new Sing and Play app, Jingle Bells. The app, created by parents for their kids, gets our young ones to sing and play along with the popular Christmas carol.


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Secret Christmas Tale


In Secret Christmas Tale, you take on the role of Santa to hunt down all the present that were lost at the bottom of the see following a freak storm.

Yes Santa have discover that all of the presents that his trusty elves have made have fallen out of your sleigh and into the world’s many oceans.
Naturally, Santa have to get them back before the 24th, or else  Christmas is ruined.
You do this by diving deep down into the drink and snatching the presents back up. All the while, you have to avoid schools of fish and ensure that you don’t run out of oxygen before you reach the surface.

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Merry Clickmas


Filling in for Santa, your objective here is to save Christmas by making toys and wrapping the presents for delivery to every person in the world. You can buy upgrade to accelerate the task of wrapping all those gift. Quick and dirty game have fun with it.

Link: Merry Clickmas

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