The team at youjoy sent me this lovely press relase about a new naruto web game. The server is opening TODAY 19:00 and  it’s call S1- Ninjutsu Open.

More info from the press release :

naruto release 1

Since the hot anime “Naruto” has been popular among in the world, web game is also blowing a gust of Naruto style again!

Ultimate Naruto is kind of webpage game inheriting Japanese animate purely, it returns to the original skill animations, the affluent peculiar new playing methods attracting most players.
naruto release 1

This test has solved many problems, in the near future it is about to open. Be quick to experience the most authentic ninja world!

In Ultimate Naruto, Each player could receive a summoned beast by finish certain quest. Every 10 level the summoned beast gained, will unseal another tail. Every Summoned Beast has the potential to become Nine-Tail Fox.

You will take part in the journey of Naruto’s Path to Horage. All different type of skills loyal to the origin animate. All kinds of challenges awaiting you at Ultimate Naruto! The more you play, the more you will feel it’s a real Ninja World.

Call for your Ninja in Ultimate Naruto.

Now! For more info about this game, please visit Platform website:

Ultimate Naruto official website: