Stontrix free for a limited period

From the 9th of September, Stontrix will be available for free in the Apple’s AppStore. It is an offer limited in time, so make sure you do not miss it!

The download includes an update with 20 new levels (up to level 60). It also contains new powerupps with amazing functionalities that require the player’s maximum speed and agility.Some of these new powerupps are: the King, whichremoves all the stones of the same color you have in play, the Hammer, which will eliminate all the stones fromthe vertical linebelow this powerupp, and the Lightning,which will remove the complete line of stones(either vertically orhorizontally) the lighting aims at.

But these new features are not the only novelty.

For Android users, the Play Store finally in corporates the Stontrix store where you canbuy coins (until now you had to wait untilthe gamegave awaycoins). And speakingof coins, Stontrix has also incorporated new ways to earn coins for the game. For example, evaluating andreviewingthe gameonAndroid and iOS Stores canget you 50 coins for free.