If you’ve been living under a rock you know that apple have released the new IPhone 5S & 5C. What actually important is that infinity blade 3 was released the same time the new IPhone was. I’ve talked a bit about the game  first and second instalment, and it is said that the third Infinity Blade make full use iPhone new hardware and enhance rendering.

So our friend at toucharcade have played the game both on IPhone 5 and 5S and you can see the subtle differences on each phone.

First impression

Full Review at Touch Arcade(compare Iphone 5 vs 5S)


That might look all great but maybe you want to know first what Infinity blade is all about or you want just a quick reminder of what happen in the first 2 game. You’re lucky, it can all be found on youtube and we got you covered, the guys at toucharcade (they love this game) even have explained everything in between the other games just for you.

Story before IB3(12 minutes)

Full article at TouchArcade

If you are in a hurry just the Lore might do (1minutes)

Hope that convince you to buy the game or at least try one of the 2 previous one. If you’re following this blog, you should have gotten them both for free by now, if not you have to pay full price or wait for it to be free again.

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