With the help of some post our friend wrote at http://www.lordofultimastrategies.com, we are doing a quick guide on Lord of ultima.

I’m just going to outline the basic, everything you need to know is at http://www.lordofultimastrategies.com.

First step: choosing the location of the city (Full article)

If you just started you can go to the next point, if you are building your next city here what you need to know.

The natural resources available to your city all depend on where you place your city. There are four different map elements that effect each square where you can place a city.

Map Node Resource Type
Mountain Iron
Hill Stone
Forrest Wood
Water Lakes

You can check what extra resources will be available by preplacing your city. Check the full how to in the article : Choosing a Location for Your City

Second Step: Building placement (Full article)

Unlike other Travian, TKO or Tribal War, where you place your building is very important in Lord of Ultima.

Natural resource influence the output of your resource producing building and you can add cottage and efficiency building to even increase the output more (example: forest increase the output of the Woodcutter building and the sawmill increase the output has well)

Cottage increase the construction speed of the city, a bit like the builder guild of Travian, Three Kingdom Online. Cottage also increase the output of your city.

If you want to optimize your economy building you need to be touching as many natural resources as possible and connected to the appropriate efficiency building too. The economy building should also touch a cottage also. This sounds simple, but it can get really complex to create the perfect resources output. On way of having to best layout is to use city planners so you can review the placement of these buildings before you commit building them.  One of my favorite is http://louopt.com/ if you are using another one feel free to tell me in the comment below.

The same apply for military building, you can checkout this article that cover everything you need to know about building placement