We talked a lot about friendly challenge without explaining why they are important.



Here are  the main reason :

  1. A friendly game give you extra cash, you get half of the profit of the ticket and souvenir sale, so it you play on a good arena that have a lot of seat you can make a decent amount.
  2. Winning a friendly game increase (a bit) the general valuation of your team, which will increase the offer from your sponsor.
  3. Your players gain some chemistry and experience, it can be a good idea to have a different line-up for friendly game so you can send your younger player in friendly game and keep your main line intact for big game.

How it works ?

You can challenge up to 30 days or 120 days is you have a propack, once you find another owner that actually accept friendly game, try to keep their name somewhere to ask them again later.
It’s kind of hard to find decent team when you are not on a propack.
Propack however have an auto-find friendly game for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.


Remember that friendly challenge use less energy that normal and playoff game but they still use it (that another reason to have 2 line-up) You can read more about how intensity impact your energy in my other post about tactic.

Main line-up

Friendly line-up

Hope that covers everything you need to know about friendly game in ppm manager.
If you have any suggestion that you want me to cover or other game you want me to review leave a comment below or drop me a mail…