Having problem finding a coach ? You never get job applicant that want to be sporting director. you need a left handed defense man to play on your third line but the player from the sport academy keep giving you forward. Fear not, grab some money and you can try to recruit them on the market.


Be careful when hiring from the market, experience manage will try to sell you useless player, unbalance player or player at the end of their career at high price.
Be patient and search for some good deal. Scout some player or if a player is already scouted ask the manager who is scouting them.

Recruiting Player


Your need will change has you play but if you’re beginning you should definitely avoid player with low career longevity since you are in for the long-term these players do not worth your time.

On the other hand if you are aiming big this year you might get a cheap superstar at the end of their career, just don’t renew the contract.

Like we said before, be sure that the player has a high quality of attribute in the stat you need for the role you want to give him, that will help you with his training, and check that the stat are balanced so it will be easier to insert him in the team.

More Info: What a balanced player ? (check out this post for more detail )

Recruiting Staff


Recruiting staff is a bit easier since they have only 2 stats, keep in mind that they can cost a lot in salary, you can check their expected salary when you select the staff member you want to bid on. Since the market is over flooded with candidate you can most of the time get away with a member for 10-100k, I’ve read somewhere that player not from your country cost a bit more (I’ll come back to you on that) so keep that in mind when you are looking for new staff member.