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I hate it when developer copy other developer game and say it new.

Like they were a dispute between Project tank and Word of tank over copyright, the main difference between the two is that Project tank is browser base and WoT is an install.

These are big boys fighting each other. Zynga is probably the worst offender here ( I mean more than 8 time here, here, here  and they copied tiny tower here) and the funniest thing is they don’t seem even to care, check out their statement.

But I’m here to talk about any of those game today I here to talk about a game developed on iOS that claim to have a “new take” to the side scrolling strategy genre when it’s exactly of a copy of an old flash game name Age of War.

Note that age of war is quite old so the war 2 have nothing to brag about.

See it for yourself here some screen shot of both game:

imagethe war2 480x480-75

imagethe war2 mordern - 480x480-75

You can even try the flash game if you want, I’ve added them in our new section “Free Games”:

Age of war 2


or you can try the first game :

Age of war 1

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The war 2 : “new take” to side scrolling strategy

Server Merge Announcement for U41 and U42

The lucky servers to be the winner of the merge lottery are
S72, S73, S74, S75 merging into U41
U26 U28 U29  merging into U42

These lucky winner will go into a sleep on 19:00 30th JUNE and then a bloodshed on 19:00 1st JULY

If you check my previous post about merge date and next server to merge these server where due (15 month for some of them that crazy)

S72 Yellow Turbans – March 11th, 2012 (active server) (15 months !! )
s73 The Dissension – April 8th, 2012 (active server)
s74 The Avengers – May 13th, 2012 (active server)
s75 Huye Chanyu – June 10th, 2012 (active server) (a year)

U26: s51, s53 – March 23rd, 2012 (active server)    (took 15 month)
U28: s54, s57, s58 – May 24th, 2012 (activer server) (took 13 month)
U29: s55, s56, s59 – May 24th, 2012 (active server) (took 13 month)

here the official news :

So who next, check out what the community think the next merge will be:

on a side note I want to congratulate koram for naming the s74 after the name of a great movie. (The Avengers 😛 )

Odin quest news

The 20th server Idawald of Odin Quest will be released grandly by at 5:00 June 26, 2013 PDT. New systems and features have been released in this new world gradually. Warriors, are you ready for the exploration to create your own empires?

Go check out the new in the forum for more info.

If you cannot see the forum post is because the stupid forum require you to be logged in to see it… don’t blame me…

UPDATE : The date youjoy sent me was in may, it actually in june 2013(today)


Browser Games indies news

Not much in the indies browser game world this week

I saw an interesting one at, king of bee. It’s a game insired by old school text adventures and “badly translated story material from Japanese NES and Genesis games” (quote from

You can finish it pretty quickly, I actually made peace with the king of bee, I haven’t tried killing him though, tell me what you did in the comment if you want.

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Mobile news

Infinity blade 2 at 0.99$

Remember a post I made a post about Infinity blade being at 0.99$ (well now it’s free lol) the sequel is now getting the same ridiculous price.

And this one is for fun (A parody, NSFW)



A really nice RPG caught my attention it’s called 9thdawn. It’s 2.99$ and it’s for a good cause, a small team of indie dev. It’s a massive world to play and the control might be a bit tricky but it’s definitely a nice game if you’re into RPG.


Official site:



Kingturn RPG Plus

Remember I’ve talked about Kingturn RPG? Well there a new game (both free and paid) with new story and new classes.

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RPG Quest – Minimæ

A RPG with a old 8 bit look “à la Dragon Quest/Warrior”, I haven’t tried this one though but you can have a look nonetheless.

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Puzzle Pirate

Puzzle pirate is coming out on mobile, I’ve played a bit with this game on the pc and it’s quite fun but a bit time consuming. If you like puzzle game you will love this one.

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Baldurs Gate get pulled out of the app store

Remember when I wrote about Baldur’s gate on the app store, it’s seem they pulled it out of the apps store because of some contractual problem. You can check the news here.

It seem that Nintendo have some bad rap for maybe buying material that were extracted by slave.

It’s not that nintendo it’s actually doing it but they are not denying it either.

A petition was formed to seeks assurances that Nintendo hardware doesn’t use slave-mined minerals, which can arrive on the global market from troubled regions such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, in any of its hardware.

The Human rights organisation Walk Free made a video and a flash game at to draw attention to the issue.

Here the video:

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Yeah! new partner

I’m pleased to announce a partnership with our friend at The Gizmo Den and Live Points Direct.

The Gizmo Den is a shop for game and game accessories, mostly for console game but give it a look.

Live Points Direct is a shop to buy game and itune gift cards.

News : Counterfire 2 Close Beta

(Note that this article is part of a press-release that was set to us, I slightly change it to make it shorter but the essence is there)

The MMO real-time third person online shooting game, Free Counterfire (published by Gamebox) enters into 2 Free  Counterfire  is  based  on  the  theme  of  counter  strike  and  features funny cartoon style.

The player takes on the role of a retired soldier who is invited to join  a  secret  organization  with the  purpose  of  destroying  a terrorist  group.  Engaging  in  sophisticated  Real  Time  Strategy,  gamers progress  through  various  fun  and  four  action-packed  battle  modes including  single  player,  story &stage mode, team mode  and  capture the flag mode.Battle  system,  firearms  system,  global  action  and  quest  system  are four  systems  in  the  Free  Counterfire.  With  unparalleled  graphics  and gameplay,  players  will  battle  alongside  3  other  players  in  warfare using up to a hundred real guns, such as the AK4, M16, and more. Free Counterfire is easy to operate and all operations required only 7 buttons. The closed beta test start on June 19 PDT.

Tactical intervention on the whole is hardcore with fast-paced  gameplay that requires team tactics, careful plan and skills.
In  the  game,  players  will  fight  from  the  desert  to  the  jungle,  from  the countryside  to  the  city  all  over  the  world.  Moreover,  the  rich  special scene  effects  add  geographical  features  to  the  game.  For  more  details, see the link at the end of the post.

Link from this post :

Console Games :

Game Card Codes :

Counterfire 2

The official website:

Official Forum:

And facebook page:

From what I read and from what other manager told me it a balanced player is a player that have stats balance between the primary stat and the secondary stats like 100/70/70 to 100/30/30 and 100/50/50 behind probably the proportion the give the best result. On top of that you want to have your technique at the same number that aggression is to reduce penalty and be sure to train them in shooting or else they will be efficient in the opponent zone but wont be able get a decent shot on the net.

mortal kombat skill = very important

So a good player is a player that balance, with high attribute value (if you want them to help you right away), high quality of attribute and a high career longevity.

Having problem finding a coach ? You never get job applicant that want to be sporting director. you need a left handed defense man to play on your third line but the player from the sport academy keep giving you forward. Fear not, grab some money and you can try to recruit them on the market.


Be careful when hiring from the market, experience manage will try to sell you useless player, unbalance player or player at the end of their career at high price.
Be patient and search for some good deal. Scout some player or if a player is already scouted ask the manager who is scouting them.

Recruiting Player


Your need will change has you play but if you’re beginning you should definitely avoid player with low career longevity since you are in for the long-term these players do not worth your time.

On the other hand if you are aiming big this year you might get a cheap superstar at the end of their career, just don’t renew the contract.

Like we said before, be sure that the player has a high quality of attribute in the stat you need for the role you want to give him, that will help you with his training, and check that the stat are balanced so it will be easier to insert him in the team.

More Info: What a balanced player ? (check out this post for more detail )

Recruiting Staff


Recruiting staff is a bit easier since they have only 2 stats, keep in mind that they can cost a lot in salary, you can check their expected salary when you select the staff member you want to bid on. Since the market is over flooded with candidate you can most of the time get away with a member for 10-100k, I’ve read somewhere that player not from your country cost a bit more (I’ll come back to you on that) so keep that in mind when you are looking for new staff member.



I haven’t talked about it in my previous post about player but another very important aspect of the game is to make sure that your player play at the best position available and that the coach show them the right tactic.

How to make you line composition efficient? The basic way to do it is too simply put the best player on the first line, the good but not good enough for the first line on the second and same thing for the third and fourth line.

You can leave the fourth lines empty if you not planning on using the fourth line.

Note that your player will be more fatigue if they always play 3 line. You can check Sam Hansen post on the subject of using 3 lines instead of 4 at succeed2k.

How to choose the right player for the right position, goaltender have their own unique goaltending attribute so you no1 goaltender should probably be the one with the highest value in goaltending (Duh!), but remember to train technique and passing to make your goaltender a better goaltender overall than one with 500 in goaltending and 10 in passing/technique.

For defenseman, it easy it’s their defense skill that important and their passing and technique afterward. For your forward it depend on their position, they all need high offense but center must have a high passing and technique while winger need to have a high aggression and technique. Don’t forget to train you player accordingly to and take account the quality of the skill too like we talked in the previous article. A good example of that is a player with the following stat (25(10)pas., 20(50)tec. and 5(88) agr.) is a good center at the time because of his current skill but with time it will become a better winger since he will train much faster in aggression than passing).

The bold stats are the main one, the red stats are the secondary one, but some other like shooting must be taken care of too.

Side note if you have the pro-pack you can create different set of line, one for game you know are easy, one for big games and one for friend game.

I personally tend to keep the same line-up whatever the game but, when you are playing a team you are sure to win maybe it’s a good idea to put your rookie and bench some veteran. It will reduce energy lost on your main player and will build chemistry and experience on your youngster.


These are mostly beginners tips, if you want more advance tips on line check out another post by Sam from suceed2k on line

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Mini Commando

Mini commando is a point-and-click action game intense enough to keep you on your toe. It’s set in the WW2 were your family is kidnapped by German, and you have to save them. The game is pretty short and you’ll probably finished really quickly but it worth your time, trust me.



Link :

Inca blast

Inca blast an action-puzzle game that you can play on your browser or on mobile. Your goal is to clear the gem on the board using the blast surrounding it. If you clear a gem with a blast that not the same color you will lose time.

Game are quick they rarely last more that a few minutes. You start with 60 second and the only way to gain time is to finish a level which gives you only 3 second.


Occupy Vampire Wallstreet

You’re Edward (joking…) the vampire that needs to gather blood to increase your vampire-ness. You have a blood bank that human will attack and destroy your bank, you need to protect it by killing them and collect their blood (how convenient). You can trade blood stock at the right time in between rounds.

The game is a bit buggy, you can just push the human and they get stuck on the wall. Give it a try if that kind of game is your style. The idea of a blood stock market is pretty neat, we might start seeing it in more flesh out games.


Link :



Lune is is an exploration game where the players manipulate the moon along two axes, which you’ll notice first affecting the gravitational pull and the sea level. This floods rooms and free stairways and allows your avatar to traverse further and push boxes when they are less heavy.
It’s a work-in-progress, you can try what whey have done so far on their website



The arena it’s where everything come down to, if your team win and have decent players you arena will be full. And the more place in the arena the more tickets you can sold Ka-Ching $!


Include some snack bar and souvenir shops to increase the profit.


Be sure you can fill your arena because the arena come with a cost of maintenance that increase has you build more places and get a better Zambonitm.


Don’t forget to upgrade your facilities has well, a good training center will help player progress faster in their training, while the sport academy will help you get better recruits every week.

The takeaway point here is to always be upgrading your arena and facilities but always keep so cash at hand for your player and staff salaries. You don’t want to go in the red because if you do you have 21 days to fix the team finance or you lose the team.