Today is a Memorial Day in USA and I want to congratulate everyone who celebrates it!

Even if you’re not from US, let’s remember to give thanks to those who have served your country in the past and those who continue to do so.

Enjoy your family get-togethers and your barbecues!

our friend from want you to have a great Memorial day has well here the greeting they sent us :

The Memorial Day comes at the end of this May. All people in America will remember the men and women who died while serving in the US Armed Forces. When people visit cemeteries and memorials, they should know how and what these fallen heroes have devoted to their country and appreciate what they have done more than ever. And also should know and cherish the peace and prosperity which are earned by their sacrifices.

“Not for fame or reward; not for place or for rank; not lured by ambition or goaded by necessity; but in simple obedience to duty, as they understood it. These men suffered all, sacrificed all, dared all, and died.” Every one of them is the real hero, forever!

To remember all heroes who contribute for their duty and obligation, Odin Quest will send free rewards to all players who fight for the alliance, class and camp. All players should cherish all mates and companions they have. And give the super respects to the real fighter who fight for their alliance and camp. All fighters deserve the super honor!, which has released its S19 Yggdrasil at 5:00 May 22, 2013 PDT, is an online browser game publisher who has successfully published DDTank and Call of Gods. Odin Quest is an MMOARPG that based on Nordic myth originated from Iceland and surrounding countries during 1st and 2nd century. Players will fight with their mates to build their own supremacy.

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