A few days ago I’ve started a series of article about ultimate soldier, you can read the previous article about the infantry unit (part 1 and part 2) or if you are looking the archers unit click here.

Today I’m taking on the cavalry. I unfortunately didn’t played that much with the cavalry, most of my heroes ended up being archer or infantry heroes.
So here the table of the cavalry

Cavalry Ultimate soldier 1 :

Hp Att Def Speed Load Cons Skill

White Stallionswhite

728         159 75 18 1680 56 Higher Unit Attack and less damage received while facing Archers.

Black Raiders

745    156 67 27 1650 55 Increased Unit Attack against Infantry.

Lionheart CavaliersLion 

804    167 45 24 2220 74 Higher Unit Defense against Cavalry attacks.

Flying Monkey Brigademonkey

826    157 52 15 1650 55 Higher damage dealt to Infantry; less damage suffered from Archer attacks.

Iron-clad Cavalry


660    154 98 24 1950 65 Higher Unit Attack and Defense while facing Cavalry.

Resource Cost :


White Stallions

1400       2250 840 1120 5610

Black Raiders

1380    1110 820 2210 5520

Lionheart Cavaliers

2960    2360 1110 960 7390

Flying Monkey Brigade

2220    1780 830 720 5550

Iron-clad Cavalry

1620    2080 1950 840 6490

Best attack


Lionheart Cavaliers

Lionheart Cavaliers have the best attack of the tier-4 cavalry and they even have a little extra against infantry. However they lack defence (worst of the t4 cavalry and even worst that the T2 cavalry, which is really bad) if there lack of defence didn’t scare you off, it’s food per round consumption might make you think twice about grabbing them. At 74 they are the worst of the game even U2 use less food per round that the lionheart.

Runner up for best attack : White stallions

Best Tank (defence)

Iron-clad Cavalry

The Iron-clad have the best defense of all cavalry, so they are a perfect choice to have fast and tanky reinforcement. They however have a lower hp than other cavalry so I don’t know how much it’s make a difference in a fight though.

Runner up for best defense: White stallions 

Glass canon

Lionheart Cavaliers / Flying Monkey Brigade

I’ve already explain that Lionheart Cavaliers have a terrible defense but the Flying Monkey Brigade is not far behind. At 52 it’s the second lowest defense rating of all cavalry.


Lionheart Cavaliers / Iron-clad Cavalry

I like I said before Lionheart Cavaliers have the highest food consumption in the game making them the greediest unit. Iron-clad eat  a lot of your food too with a consumption of 65.

Best runner up:

White Stallions

Being no 2 in attack and defense, having a lower consumption and a skill that increases damage and reduce is damage receive vs archer, make the white stallion one of the favorite cavalry among CoK player that went with cavalry. Its only downside is that its cost structure is similar to most U2, you might have to use gold and coupon to change your iron to stone and wood.

Left overs ?


Black Raiders
Black Raiders are in a weird category, they have only 2 points of attack more than the Iron-clad (the last in the U1 cavalry group), they are in the middle in term of defense, they cost mostly food and their skill is against infantry which cavalry unit are already good against.

From what I see mostly in battle and in the forum it seem that the White Stallions and the Iron-clad Cavalry are CoK fan favorite.

There a poll you can check out and vote on the forum about the cavalry u1.

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