A few day ago I’ve started a series of article about ultimate soldier, you can read the previous article about how to get them and the archers.

Today I’m taking on the infantry, note that this article is mostly my personal opinion and some input from the members on the forum.
For my first tear down, I’ll focus only on stats, next part I’ll focus on cost.

List of all U1 (with T3 and U2)

Royal Guard (T3) 653 102 70 9 650 26 Higher Unit Defense against Infantry attacks
750 143 77 12 1320 63 Higher Unit Attack and less damage suffered while facing Cavalry.
Yellow Turbans yellow 683 159 85 9 1680 56 Much higher damage dealt to all troop types in exchange for higher damage suffered.
The Hammerfists hammer 650 166 58 12 1740 58 Higher damage dealt to all troop types; less damage suffered when attacked.
669 153 42 21 1620 54 Higher Unit Attack when attacking cities. Higher damage dealt to City Walls and Buildings.
Roving Gallants
788 150 52 18 1590 53 Less damage dealt in exchange for much less damage received.
Broadsword Sentinels
794 129 71 9 1710 57 Higher Unit Attack and less damage suffered while defending cities.
Chainmail Guard
901 121 100 9 2130 71 Higher Unit Defense against Cavalry attacks.
Rattan Infantry
759 144 71 15 1890 63 Higher Unit Attack against Infantry. Higher Unit Defense against Archer attacks.
Goliaths 1633 311 70 12 1890 63 none


Best Damage output:

The Hammerfists

The Hammerfist are the hardest U1 infantry hitter. It has the highest attack and the skill that gives extra damage against all units (Higher damage dealt to all troop types). Next unit would probably go to the yellow turban since it has the second best attack and have a skill that increases damage.


Chainmail Guard (highest hp and def)

A tank unit is determine by 2 thing its amount of hp and its def (which reduce de damage receive)  since the chainmail guard have the highest in both attribute it win without have any other contender. The next best in line is the yellow turban (again) with the second highest def but its skill that increases damage taken might be misleading, The Halberdian seem to be a good choice too.

Glass Canon:

Chargers / The Hammerfists

While they have high attack and offensive skill, they have about the same hp of a Royal Guard (T3 infantry) and have less defence. I don’t know if the Hammerfists skill “less damage suffered when attacked. “ really have an impact to help their survival but even if you exclude the cost Royal guards are probably better to tank than those 2.

Greediest unit:

Chainmail Guard

With the 71 of consumption they consume more food than almost all other Ultimate soldier (only the Lionheart Cavaliers consume more) and even more the Goliath (the U2). While the chainmail guard cost less food that other U1 it makes it up with its high consumption. If you’re going Chainmail guard keep that in mind so you have alot of food for them.

The WTF unit

Roving Gallants

Decent attack but very weak in defense (second lowest) but its skill make me wonder : “Less damage dealt in exchange for much less damage received. “ So it drop from being a good hitter too being an average hitter and average defender (still probably less than the rattan infantry and halberdian). Not a very good trade off honestly. (honestly we have to look at it’s cost to make sense with that unit)

The forgotten

Broadsword Sentinels/Rattan Infantry

I’ve usually go for the Rattan infantry but not only for the reason here mostly because of their cost (see next post). They have a decent attack/def ratio and its skill usually what predominant in most of the server I’ve played (a high inf/archer army with low cavalry count)

I actually never tried the broadsword sentinels seem cheaper tank than the chainmail guard (and better hitter) when defending cities. Might worth a try on my next server.

So what your favorite infantry unit ?

Next post I’ll compare them cost wise and give you some precious link.