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I’ve started a post about the ultimate soldier recently, today I’ll talk about the archers ultimate soldier.

Archer are probably the most used unit in the game and with reason they are super efficient to defend, they gain an extra attacks while on the wall (that mean they get an extra square while defending not a guaranteed 2 attack), many good heroes have cool abilities with them (Deng Ai, Pang tong, etc) and the best U2 is almost undoubtedly the archer u2 the northern assassin.
But despite being the most used unit they lack the number of choice the Infantry and Cavalry have.
Here a quick summary of the u1/u2 archers.

U1 Archer

Mongolian Sniper
(Attack partially ignore Cavalry defense.)
cost :
wood:1390 stone: 2220 iron:830 food:1110 total:5550
Marching Speed:9
Carry Load:1650

Crossbow Elites (Higher damage dealt to all troop types.)
Wood:1440 Stone:2310 Iron:860 food:1150 total:5760
Marching Speed:12
Carry Load:1710

Qiang Guerillas (Less damage suffered while being attacked.)
Wood:1340 stone:1670 iron:1610 food:750 total:5370
Marching Speed:15
Carry Load:1590

U2 Archer

Northern Assassins
wood:4090 stone:6550 iron:2450 food:3270 total:16360
Marching Speed:10
Carry Load:1620

U1 (T4) choice

With 163 attack power and it’s extra damage to all troop types the crossbow elite is the best U1 in term of raw damage output but lack the defense and they might just die before delivering a good blow. Qiang Guerrilla have the highest resistance and their ability give them extra longevity. Mongolian Sniper are just super strong vs cavalry.
The choice usually come down to chose between the quiang and the Crossbow elite since the mongolian sniper don’t offer much compare to the Crossbow elite and have basically the same price. From there
It’s depend on your heroes, style, your resources output (that can be changed though) and what U2 you’re choosing.
Since Crossbow Elite need the same resources distribution than some U2 (NA & Goliath)
I usually go for the Qiang Guerilla.

Note that if money and coupon are not a problem for exchanging your resource, then you might want to go with the Crossbow elite anyway since you can always change the other extra resource to the missing stone (usually) .
I personally rather not build u1 archer when I’m going NA since they use my archery ranges while building and since the NA take like week to finish a whole batch of 100/115, I rather have a mix of inf/arch or cav/arch.

More info on the forum :

Check the pool (and discussion) on which is the best U1 for archer.

Or this other pool.

Since I’m not updating a lot these day I’ll update you from what I’m receiving from different game makers.


Bubblis updated for social networks and with a 50% discount

This 29nd of November an update to Bubblis arrives that will allow for the comparison and sharing of results achieved on social networks.
Arrives with a 50% discount for a limited time only.
Incorporates an innovative system of tangible prizes.
Bubblis will soon come to the Amazon Appstore and will also be compatible with Kindle Fire.

The 29nd of November an important update arrives for the words and puzzles game Bubblis. With it also comes a 50% discount in the game price, for a limited time only. The primary new feature of this update is integration with the social networks Facebook and Twitter.

With this interaction, users will be able to publish points and successes achieved in the game and can check their position against the rankings globally, in their country, and the scores of their friends. In addition to the comparison, publication and sharing of results, this update also includes an awards system, using  discount vouchers or gift cheques, according to achievements in Bubblis. For example, a 5 Euro voucher for a Starbucks store that the user can redeem directly at the points of sale. Awards will depend upon service availability in each country. 

With this update, Bubblis will also come to the online store Amazon, expanding the game’s availability to Amazon´s Kindle Fire tablets. Kindle Fire tablets represent almost 55% of the North American market and it is hoped that their  European presence grows as a result of the opening of the Amazon Appstore in Europe.  In the Appstore it is also possible to acquire the game for other Android devices, with the security of buying in a Market with highly exhaustive quality controls.

I’m doing a little series of article on Ultimate soldier. In the following days I’ll post some article on each type of Ultimate soldiers.

What does U1 and U2 do?
Ultimate soldier are the strongest unit in the game, they are the most expensive unit and take forever to recruit. Once you chose them you cannot change your choice until you switch server. Note that there also a item you can use to reset your choice.


How to obtain them :
For U1 you need : L10 of attack def of corresponding research for the unit type you want the U1 from
For U2 you need : L20 of attack def of corresponding research for the unit type you want the U1 from
Note : having L10 of attack def of 2 type of unit (like cavalry and infantry) give you the choice of both U1 but you can chose only one.

Coming soon :
U1/U2 spotlight : Archer
U1/U2 spotlight : Infantry (part 1 & part 2)
U1/U2 spotlight : Cavalry

More information on the forum unit post here and the unit List :
U2 everywhere :

Info on the new elite system (v1.70) :

Quick Impression on Bubblis

I recently had the chance to review bubblis new word game recently.
You can check the press release here.


At first I had trouble getting how to play Bubblis but with the help of the tutorial I’ve manage to understand the basic of the game. 

Once you understand that you just need to make the word on the right on the line the word is, the game become much easier and fun.

Here how it work : the letter slowly falling in a bubble one by one from the clouds. You to tape where they are going to try to make the word on the right side on the same line, if you don’t taps were the letter goes it might go randomly any were and if there no more space between the letter to fall and the cloud you’re done (like Tetris).
Note when you manage to get your word, all rows under this word are cleared giving you space to dispose of useless letters.

This picture might give you a good idea how it work :


On third line (x3) the player must make the word Robe but since there no letter on the third line the word stay on the right. On the second line the word was jew and since our friend managed to put the letter j and e he only need the letter w to clear the first and second. On the last line, the word that needed to be played is top and he almost got it too only the p missing.

Note that if you mange to get the word from the first line only the first line is clear. Like in the case of our friend, if he manage to get top only the first line is cleared and the letter j and e will fall on the first row instead of the second one.

You can download either the regular version or the HD version of Bubblis. Give Bubblis some love.

If you want to see more of the game before buying it, you can look a this promo video:

Update : For those who asked the link to download hit here they are :

iTunes Link:
price: $1.99
Google Play Link:
price: $2.00

Disclaimer: I won’t receive any money if you buy or download the game, I’m not associated with on creative media.

The first time I played Lone Survivor I only managed to get near the cat and talk to him. I didn’t click that I could gave him some cat food, that probably because I’ve had already eaten the cat food.

I did  a second pass and I managed to get him to follow me in my apartment, little “Sunny” (That the name I gave him) really did make a difference my character mental health.


This cute little cat is near the hospital in the city. But before seeing the cat you need to get some cat food and the only way to get tin of cat food is to trade “Sleepy Cat comic” for them with the Director. I’ve found a total of 4 comics, they’re probably more but that should be enough to get the cat in your apartment.

Once you got cat food you can go see the cat nears the hospital. Approach him slowly, look the way the cat is moving when you are moving toward him.  If he move stop going toward him and wait until he is acting normal again. Once you are near him talk to him and give him some cat food. He will then go away but don’t worry I’ll be back.

Now you need to go back to your apartment and take a nap. Once you wake up go outside your apartment (take the stair), he should be there and give him an another tin of cat food. Go back to your apartment again and he should be waiting for you at the fire escape window of your room. Just give him some food again and he will enter your apartment you will even be able to give him a name. I don’t actually recall what the 4 can did when I gave him, try it and you will see 🙂


Here a complete video on how to get him:

Update: Giving him a fourth can of food will give you the option to pet him.