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The folk at On Game Creative  sent me a press release for the new game Bubblis  this is not my writing, if they gave me access to there game you will probably have review (and screenshot) in the following week.

  • It is a videogame of words and puzzles for mobile devices with a massive target audience.
  • It is available in 44 languages distributed among 154 countries and is intended for players of all types ages 3 and up.
  • Among the languages available are Catalan, Euskera, and Galician.
  • Bubblis is available for iOS and Android, in corresponding stores, for 1’59 euros.

The objective is to construct words suggested by the game using letter-filled bubbles that fall from the top of the screen. Each of them begins with a word that a player must build horizontally. As the player places letters, new words to be completed on higher lines appear. Completing a word on a higher line is more difficult but if the player is successful he/she will receive more points.

The characters Bleeb and Bloob also form part of the game. Bleeb is an ally who at the beginning indicates with luminous circles where letters can be placed. Bleeb also provides wings to slow down falling letters, allowing for more time to finish the rounds.

On the other hand, the evil Bloob stalls game progress using bubbles filled with: vapor, smoke, ink, bombs, mines, or resonance. These obstacles are overcome with special features currently existent in some consoles, but still being innovation in mobile games.

For example, to remove the smoke from the screen, it is necessary to physically blow into the device microphone.

Each screen has a different background design. These have been elaborated one by one in artisan fashion with devices that simulate drawing on paper, and for their creators they are like small works of art. Each background represents a different part of the world, easily identifiable. There are 15 designs in total, each one with animations, aesthetics, and music characteristic of the country or region represented.

There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, each consisting of 15 screens that can last between 5 and 45 minutes.

The game is available in 44 languages covering 154 countries throughout the world, for which it has been necessary to engage the participation of 44 specialized translators. The language can be changed at any time by accessing the game´s configuration menu. The languages in which the game is available, ordered according to their predominance, are:

English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Malay, Thai, Swedish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Greek, Tagalog, Catalan, Czech, Hebrew, Danish, Finnish, Romanian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Slovak, Hindi, Bulgarian, Afrikaans, Croatian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Latvian, Estonian, Macedonian, Maltese, Armenian, Euskera and Galician.

About the Creators

On Game Creative is a young Spanish company, recently established. Bubblis is its first project. The company is headquartered in Badajoz and operates through its Barcelona delegation. It is currently working on new projects and is finalizing the PC and MAC versions of Bubblis that should be launched before the the end of the year.

Lone Survivor Review


I’ve wrote about lone survivor back in may and I finally finished it. I wanted to share my feeling about the game.
First don’t expect the game to take awhile to finish, I’ve did it in a bit more than 4hr (6hr if you count all the time I died) other managed to finish the game in 2hr.

I don’t want to bring any spoiler but the game is not what you expect at first, it more of a horror/survival game than a zombie one.
Even while playing your character commenting the game in an arcade and describe it has :
“It’s a game about guilt," "It looks kinda retro." "It’s just another zombie game."

The game leave you clue that at the same time you just ask yourself more questions. Who left those note? Why would those notes contradict one another ? Who is this Draco ?
You later discover pills and items that help you in your quest to get out of the building…
You don’t know at first what they do but has you use them you discover and your character tells you clue about which food is good and which is last resort food.
You can combine food to make them more tasty, you can cook it to have a tasty meal or brew yourself a coffee in the morning once you find a good source of water.


Another interesting point is that everything you do impact your mental health. Kill monster, not sleeping and eating rotten food makes you go crazy. While eating a healthy meal, having interaction with living being and sleeping help get your character more sane.
Again you can have subtle clue from the game, like what your character says when you talk to the mirror or comment he says while exploring your building. The game has multiples endings all mostly depend on your mental health and what you do through the game.
I really liked the game and I’m replaying it to get another ending (I got the blue ending first)
So if you like those kind of horror game and like indy game this game is definitely a buy.
It’s only 9.99 and you can probably get it 7.99 when steam put it on special.