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TKO – multiserver battle


For many server it’s time to enroll for the multi-server battle that will will start at 19:00 the 23rd of April. Take time to move all (or at least all your best heroes) in your main and enroll. Note that its only a 48hr enrollment so don’t wait to much.

Note these few things from the announcement:

1.  It will copy the building type and level of main city at appointed time.
2.  It will copy the technology level of main city at appointed time.
3.  It will copy the level, equipment, skill, ability, status and so on of heroes ( including standing by, support and calling back) in main city. All the heroes will be full stamina and standing by in the city of Multi-server Campaign Server. Please note you need to recall your generals first.

That mean that the only items you will bring from the servers are the items equipped on your heroes in your main.

guanyu garding castle

You can check how it work here :


DDtanks is currently doing a promo right now for the whole week, there a fortification reward and discount bonuses, check it our on there site or here :

here the details :

1. Super Fortification with More Awesome Rewards
During the event, ( April 20th – April 22nd, PDT), players who fortify any items up to +7,
+8, +9, +10, +10, +11 and +12 will get different awesome rewards. The higher levels the
fortified items are, the more and better rewards players will get.

Bonus Rewards Include:
+7 Fortification: Receive Junior Drills (x6)
+8 Fortification: Receive Junior Drills (x12)??Divine Amulet (x1), 25% Amulet (x1)
+9 Fortification: Receive Junior Drills (x18)??Divine Amulet (x2), 25% Amulet (x2)
+10 Fortification: Receive Junior Drills (x24)??Divine Amulet (x3), 25% Amulet (x3)
+11 Fortification: Junior Drills (x30), Lv.5 Energy Stone (x1), Lv.3 Attribute Pearl (x1)
+12 Fortification: Junior Drills (x36), Lv.5 Energy Stone (x2), Lv.3 Attribute Pearl (x1)



Up to 50% Off Bring More Benefits
From April 19th to April 27th, the discount gift package with 50% off will be sold in Shop of YooGames DDTank. Please check the awesome items in the package and enjoy the
benefits now!


Weekend Double-Downs
Spring is the season of growth; to celebrate, receive double EXP and double Glory every weekend during April!
Every Sat and Sun during the month of April, players will receive double EXP all day and double Glory from 20:00 till 23:00. During this event, if players use Double EXP Cards and Double Glory Cards, they will receive quadruple EXP and quadruple Glory.
EXP x2 and Glory x2


Drunken Wizard

Nice little web game called Drunken Wizard  that won the 1st place in the Build & Win Construct 2 Contest. The music is annoying but the game is quite fun, give it a try you will probably finish it in 15 minutes…


Click here to try

Call of Gods new server 8


Check out this nice babe and the new server for call of gods.

Yoogames will release its 8th server “Abyss” of COG (Call of Gods) on PDT 7:00AM April 17th. Get
ready to conquer the new land and enjoy the new adventure.


If you don’t remember Call of Gods from my previous review, Call of Gods is a free-to-play browser game of MMORPG & SLG genre with a background story
of wars among the Gods and a nice babe as a guide (except if you choose the undead). In this game, players will play a warrior of one of the these 3 race: human, elf or undead and develop their armies to fight against each other.

Axiom verge : Contra meet Metroid

Unfortunatly it not out until 2013 so until then go back play some other games…

Baldur’s gate

A week ago I wrote that Bladur’s gate will be soon available on Ipad and We got more news that it will support multiplayer and should cost less than 10$.

More on touch arcade

Rotten tangerine (iOS & android)

I came across a really nice indie mobile game, it’s called Rotten tangerine, it’s available on android and iphone.

The goal is to prevent your tangerine to go bad, by tapping on the rotten one good tangerine will appear. However, sometime monsters appear and they will attack you tangerine to make them rot.


Check out the review at

Worm is back

I usually don’t review pc game but I was surprise that they’re a new worm game coming, on pc & console. It’s call worm revolution, here the video footage :

It’s look good, they used a new graphic engine and added 3d. This one will definitely go on my wish list.

Epic sax game

I don’t know what to say about this game, it almost could go in a bad game review but it’s too original to do so. From indie game :

“In Epic Sax Game, players attempt to replicate Epic Sax Guy’s solo using six keyboard keys. After practicing, you can record a studio version and join a jam session before attempting the toughest challenge of all: a ten-hour YouTube video, performed live.”

Well I tried it and let say it music is not my strength but it’s definitely fun to try but I won’t take my chance on the 10 hours jam … 

You can play it here :

I normally don’t advertise that kind of deal but Infinity blade for just 0,99$, I wanted to share it to the world.


check it out on the appstore or this link.

I founded the news through touch arcade