This is kind of a update from my previous post :What to do everyday to maximize your army and heroes but I sometime cut in the in the middle of something and just log in grab some tax, build troop, move around my carrier and help my kingdom in an attack that I forget this stuff.

So here are the top thing I forget to do sometime that are important to do…

1-Greet your fellow brother: Sorry my brother if I forget to greet you, it just that it lost in the city interface. Click on a city, then city again then tavern then the last tab and sometime they’re not enough brother in your brotherhood so you can even click… So please go greet your brother, each time you do it you gain loyalty and you need to get to 41 of loyalty to get the brother in arm skill.


2-Train in the cave for some xp (last 8hr so up to 3 time a day): I usually think about it the first time I login but forget to do it afterward. A friend of mine said, if your afraid of forgetting it, do it right away and if there only a few hours remaining, just cancel and restart for 8hrs so you maximize the amount of training your heroes get. And don’t give a little extra to you favorite heroes with some inspiration, specially when the boost is on.

3-Register battle royal: I log in the morning so this is never enable, when I come back it sometime already 5h00 PM PST. arrrg

A easy way to get gem and a extra tax, try to do it before 5h00 PM


Hum that not battle royal …just a image to fill point 3 and 4

4-Play resource war : It’s at 8h00 PM PST so don’t miss it. I tend to always miss it because 1- it so late and 2- at 8h30 it’s already to late. Its great way to get free resources. Check out the forum for more information.


5-Help your legion in legion league battle: This one can be easy to forget because sometime your legion leaders are human and forget to register your legion. If your legion is strong enough and you don’t have amnesic legion leader you have to remember to go sign in after 8h00 PM (which for some of us is late) and next day you have to go collect your silver ( If your legion win) before 5h00 PM…

If you manage to think about all of this you’ll get a good amount of extra silver the next day.

6- Donate to kingdom: I’m guilty of forgetting this one some time. But at the beginning of the server it essential that you help your kingdom and it will help you later. When there only one left when tend to forget…

7-Buy all gear at mystery shop: most of it is crap, so in the past I rarely visited it at all. Now it’s good to visit the mystery shop because you can recycle all the crappy gear since the update 1.4 so it’s good to go there and buy everything for a total of 15 gear and recycle everything you don’t like.


Recycle all your crappy gear from point 7 and from the historical campaign. All sometime forget this because doing it is freaking (no swearing see) is boring. Click click click get some gem click click get some more, click click nothing …

It worth it but since it tedious I don’t always do it. I hope they will do like in three kingdom online and do batch recycle. You get so many gem if you do it every day and you can upgrade/enhance/refine/temper a lot of your gear after that.


9-Login for free gift:

Now that they log us with the announcement I don’t forget it but I use to do.  Don’t forget to check if there any free gift, there almost free gift every day, sometime you have to do stuff to do it but it’s usually worth it.

10-Check to if there any new heroes (after awhile you might not to do that)

When you have all your heroes we tend to forget to check forget to check for new heroes, I actually got Deng Ai just by refreshing with 10 silver. Ok if you’re using gold you’re probably better to really forget checking heroes with silver, since you probably got a bunch of gold one already…

List of silver heroes

Click on the image to check Peng Guo awesome comics.

Other that are not there

Play bull-eye 5 time

Let be honest after doing bull-eye a bunch of time you get bored and never look back… I forget it but then I think of doing it I don’t do it anyway …

Play heroes roster 5 time

Same has Bull-eye but worst…

So what are the thing you tend to forget ?