This from a mail a got while I was playing, on the basic of your city defense when you start..

Personal Defense

For all villages, a wall of level 20 is required. 207% to all units defense means you get two for the price of one. No exceptions will be made.
These numbers are what you should have, per village, to defend yourself when needed. You can use these units for farming as you need to (but it is recommended you keep at least half in your village at most times for your own safety). You can have these units in one village if it is close enough to be able to protect your other village in time (recommended within 1.5 hours arrival time). Otherwise, it is recommended you have these units stationed in each village at all times (they can come from a main defense village and sit there as support).

1,000-2,999 points = 1000 SP & 1000 SW & 100 Scouts
3,000-7,000 points = 1500 SP & 1500 SW & 100 Scouts
> 7,000+ points = by this point players should understand how to defend themselves.

As for villages:

Your second village (the first one you noble):
Should be setup as a defensive town for yourself with either 10000 swords and 10000 spears –OR- 8500 swords and 8500 spears and 500 HC. You will choose which one for yourself, I suggest if your villages are close then go for the 10000 spears and 10000 swords and if your villages are a distance from each other go for the 8500 swords, 8500 spears, and 500 HC.

Your third village (the second one you noble):
Should be setup as a Support Town.You should have 4000 swords, 4000 spears, and 2000 HC in this town so we can pull support from that town to protect the tribe.

Defence village should be something like this
6000 spears
6000 sword
1000 hc
500 sc

Offence village
6000 axes
3200-3500 lc
220-250 rams
20 catapults (note from jack: It’s can be a good idea to drop the cat and put ram instead and specialize another village in catapults and have a equivalent build but all ram changed to catapults)

I have try a lot of combinations and these are the best.

Note from a strategy I’ve used in server 12 and 13: While city with only Spear and sword are much stronger in def and cheaper to build they take awhile. After a war it much more faster to rebuild spear and HC (and some Sword) than to build only spear and sword since your using 2 building instead of only one.