The list is almost unnecessary since the last Clash of Kingdoms update you have a daily task list that keeps track of what you haven’t done today. It’s situated right beside the arena button.


Here the complete list:

1- Collect Tax (up to 12 times a day, 13 if you do the battle royal)
2- Collect Salary (only once every day don’t forget it 🙂 )

3- Check the item in the mystery shop (5 try)

Even if you are pretty much equipped, give it a try since sometime there common even special quality item that may appear.

4- Check the heroes in the tavern (10 try, sometime more)


Even if you have all your heroes, you might find another heroes that suit more your need (like a archer hero if you focus more on archer etc)

In the Arena :


5- Historical Campaign (10 and more a day)

It an easy way to have gems and if your lucky item and scroll. With the number of troop they give at the beginning, you should be able to get through the 2 first scenario easily. If your stuck on a fight that you can’t win, you can always go back and fight other battle to get some scroll (like Zhang Jiao or Dong Zhuo)


6- Last Man Standing (first 10 count max 20 a day)

You might lose some but the more fight you do you might get arena badge that you can exchange for scroll.

7- Battle Royal (register after 5:59 am)

You are almost guarantee to get at least free 10x abyss gems even if you lose and it’s even give you the right to use an extra tax collection.


8- Plantation Battle

This increase you food output for 4hr the % vary depending on the field you select.

9- Legion League Battle

The legion sign-up if between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.), the participant sign-up is after 8:00.

The legion league battle will give the legion participant an extra % bonus for their silver output.

10- Donate to Landmark

Since the amount of silver you can give is limited everyday it makes sense to donate to your kingdom landmark everyday to give your kingdom an edge over the other kingdoms.

In the Academy :


11- Best and the Brightest (5 time)

An easy way to get gems, it you get all the answers right you get a basalt gem each time for a total of 5.

12- Bull Eye (5 time)

You have 1 minute to hit has many balloons you can with 20 arrow, the more balloon you hit the more gem you get. Most of the time, they are lower tier gems like the abyss gem.

Not in the list

Bandit Blowout

City Improvement

Kingdom Bonus & City Boost (governor and player in office only)