Last week I wrote about starting a new server, I wrote about the really basic stuff, what to build in your capital, do your quiz, do your Historical campaign and battle royal and get you empire one maxed out.

Manor guide

Early on Focus on silver :

While levelling empire one you should focus on building mostly silver manor (maybe 1 troop manor and other silver until you get a hand on 6666 and 7777)

Like some may say silver is the most important resources specially early game. With silver you get better unit, better upgrade, you can use it too boost your kingdom, you heroes and give you gem you can use to produce troops.


Build at least 4-5 silvers manor (or more if you want to go uber on silver) build at least one or 2 unit manors and the remaining are resources manors, your resource manor should be 6666 or 7777 city, for unit manor you can either build on type of troop in a 6666 manor or 2 type of troop in a 4444 or 5555 manor.

You can check my previous Manor guide article.

Here a excellent guide on manor building from the forum :

Silver Manor guide
Optimal guide for having Silver

Once you got empire one like I talk in my previous article, the first research you should focus to get is the Hero summit.

Recruiting heroes


1-Max you number of hero so you can get better reward at historical battle & battle royal, lms, plantation battle.
2- get all the bronze and silver heroes and fire the other none silver/bronze heroes. If you are using gold it’s even better because you can host a feast you all heroes will be bronze, silver and maybe gold.
3- focus on the hero that suit your strategy, If you thinking archer try to focus on archer heroes and heroes that have ability and formation that help archer.
Note that any bronze heroes are way better that any and I say any heroes without star (like Zu the Mad is so bad that he will be the one to get you mad)


Hope you liked the guide.

Here some link to the list of bronze, silver and gold heroes to see which one you should thrive to have :

Bronze Heroes

Silver Heroes

Gold Heroes