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Note this article was written when the merge period was only 2-3days, in the new merge rules the no-starvation period last 2 weeks, which change alot on how you manage your pre-merge configuration

1- Period of peace after the top league eliminated every other leagues.

While you might need to still build troops to support the emperor if you are on an emperor road server but here are the mains guideline and tips.
Build you career center to the max on every city and grab at least 2 oasis per city because on an ultimate server there is no oasis.
You can grab even 3 oasis per city if you do a mansion rotation. (Check here to know how to do it : Nomadic capital guide)

Another thing you can focus on is to grab some cities, try to grab only 15f and 9f if you are plundering a bit. Note that you might think is good idea to grab other cities with a lobbyist, don’t  do it for 6f cities or at least don’t do it too much because the city with high points are moved in the server merges (they were for U1 and U5)  so you’re better off having them has farm and because you have a city limit of 26 you should focus of having mostly 15f and 9f or 6f with good oasis placement so you can store and build a lot of unit.

Also it might be a good time to make a 15f main, you can later swap oasis after the merge if you don’t have 3 50% food oasis.



Another things that always important, be sure to have a high level of upgrade in all your cities specially those that you build most of your troop.


Always have some lobbyist ready too because you might need them (4 at least if your wei 5 for the other kingdom to take the city in one sweep) check out my lobbying guide and how to make a lobbying train.


2- Prior the merge

Once you know they’re a merge, start pumping troop over your limit in all your city.
Why ? because on an ultimate server during the 2 day of protection and 3 day of adjustment you cannot lose troop to starvation.
So pump your troop to the ceiling to give a hell of a ride to your enemies.


3- The 2 day of “Protection period”

During this period you can move your cities. I’ve made the mistake of moving all my city together at the same spot besides an enemies.
Why this is a mistake ?

1- It make you a target has well.

2- some of your city are to weak anyway to take a part in the fight, you can leave them in them main cluster or move them near another player in the main cluster that have a oasis to steal it since oasis are really hard to find on a ultimate server.



4- The 3 day of “Adjusting period”

You cannot lose troop to starvation but you can now attack so don’t be afraid to send massive troop at your enemies.
Strike those special city with it because he have to protect them since if he loses the fight he lose the city.
Demolish but with moderation because you never know your enemy today might be your friend tomorrow, wall, barrack, stable scout camp  most be destroyed,
Warehouse and granary might be a good idea, to prevent him from building back massive amount of troop.
Farmland at last resort since it can help him if someone send him support. But if he might be pissed about it and you might lose an ally in the future (or a nice farm)
After that is only survival is his league support since even if he try to rebuild you will strike him and kill his troop anyway.


5- Post war


I don’t know what happened on your merge guys but for us once one league surrendered we pretty much went back in too simcity and building troop to support the future emperor.
So since it hard to keep player playing when there no war, no action and If you’ve made this far to a server merge you probably wanna play whatever you’ve win or lose.
So be fair play and have fun.

For those who read my article about the earth seal awhile ago, the a equivalent item available right now name the Seal of terrain.

Seal of Terrain: Use to change a 15-resource field city to 18-resource field city.

Check on Koram forum here for more detail :

It note there other event, one that might be interesting is the one if you do 6 daily quest you get 100 jade globes 🙂


Free Items for Doing Daily Quest
Event Duration: Jun. 24th, 00:00~Jun. 28th, 24:00 (PDT)
Server: All servers
If you finish 6 or above Daily Quests successfully in a day, you will random get one of the following items:
Draft Order X 1
Jade Globe X 100
Spice (100) X 1
Trader Order X 1
Mind Game (Tiger Scroll) X 1
1. The daily Quests should be 3Kingdoms Quiz, Book of Heroes, and Morning Excercise.
2. All the items are bound and can’t be presented.
3. The rewards will be sent to your account from 00:00 to 03:00 in the next day.

Info about this event is at the same location.


Note:  after reading carefully the post, I realised that it take a freaking 10k of gold to get the seal of terrain…  10k of gold is about 375$ usd … which can buy a ps3 and a bunch of game for the same amount of money.

Note : This a post I wrote on the koram forum, I just wanted to share it with you.

After playing for awhile in the server 14 a merge with server came and that really wasn’t a good time for me since I was getting married about a week before the merge and was on my honeymoon during the merge.

Fearing losing it all I shared my account too some friend.

When the merge came I only logged to move my cities. My fate was then in the hand of my friends, thinking, since our server is older so we will squash them anyway.

When I came back online a week after the beginning of the war the top league (KokuryoElite) of server 20 and it’s sub league was waging war against us and we were in very bad shape.

My troops were decimated, one of my friend and sitter had to leave because he had to go on a business trip, and my other sitter switched to the other side. Behind in constant attack and after a few defeat our league was starting to lose ground and county.
I asked my aggressor to stop attacking me considering I missed the fight, they kindly accepted if I joined them. One told me this simple but funny message: "Ah you were a good farm, but considering the fact that I destroyed one of your city and lobbied another I think I’ve harm you enough.
I’m now member of the great KokyryoEliteII and I learned a lot about this experience.
In the defeat I’ve grew wiser and learned a lot about how the merge work and how to take advantage of it in the next merge.
Thank you for your time, let me know what you think.
My next post will be about the tactics and strategies I found during the merge.

Any of you have any funny story about your merge ?

Server 2 is almost over! I can’t wait to see the capital battle of jiao.

Enjoy the look of the map :


Last week I wrote about starting a new server, I wrote about the really basic stuff, what to build in your capital, do your quiz, do your Historical campaign and battle royal and get you empire one maxed out.

Manor guide

Early on Focus on silver :

While levelling empire one you should focus on building mostly silver manor (maybe 1 troop manor and other silver until you get a hand on 6666 and 7777)

Like some may say silver is the most important resources specially early game. With silver you get better unit, better upgrade, you can use it too boost your kingdom, you heroes and give you gem you can use to produce troops.


Build at least 4-5 silvers manor (or more if you want to go uber on silver) build at least one or 2 unit manors and the remaining are resources manors, your resource manor should be 6666 or 7777 city, for unit manor you can either build on type of troop in a 6666 manor or 2 type of troop in a 4444 or 5555 manor.

You can check my previous Manor guide article.

Here a excellent guide on manor building from the forum :

Silver Manor guide
Optimal guide for having Silver

Once you got empire one like I talk in my previous article, the first research you should focus to get is the Hero summit.

Recruiting heroes


1-Max you number of hero so you can get better reward at historical battle & battle royal, lms, plantation battle.
2- get all the bronze and silver heroes and fire the other none silver/bronze heroes. If you are using gold it’s even better because you can host a feast you all heroes will be bronze, silver and maybe gold.
3- focus on the hero that suit your strategy, If you thinking archer try to focus on archer heroes and heroes that have ability and formation that help archer.
Note that any bronze heroes are way better that any and I say any heroes without star (like Zu the Mad is so bad that he will be the one to get you mad)


Hope you liked the guide.

Here some link to the list of bronze, silver and gold heroes to see which one you should thrive to have :

Bronze Heroes

Silver Heroes

Gold Heroes

Quick Manor guide

Manor guide I got from one of the server I’ve played:

Silver Manor

"Silver manor" on 4444 or 5555 field
1. make your "resource" only on the 100% bonus (2 each)
2. make 1 Granary 1 warehouse
3. And build only Residence on the other spot (you will have 10 Residence total)


"Silver manor" on 2222 or 3333 field

Like the 4444 field but since you only have 1 +100% bonus field for each resource you build 4 extra empty field for a total of 14 Residence.


I tend to convert those manor into pure silver manor 

Or Pure silver (any field specially on those +20% silver city)
"Pure Silver manor"
(Give you less resources but good that add more silver and don’t need carry resource in this town anymore)
4. After all building Lv.15 demolish resource one-by-one to make Residence lv.15 in stead
5. Last will be demolish granary&warehouse and make residence (Use hero with carry wagon to keep resource)

Once done you have only residences for a total of 20. silver-full

Troop Manors

"Troop Manors" on 4444 or 6666 field
There are two types of troop manors (5x recruiting building Troop Manor) and (9x recruiting building Troop Manor)
5x Troop Manor: 5 of one troop type only (I do those on 6666 manor)

5x troop manor examples:
# 5 Stables – 1 Training ground
# 5 Archery Ranges – 1 Training ground
# 5 Barrack – 1 Training ground

9x troop manor examples: (best on 4444 or 5555)
# 5 Stables – 4 Archery Ranges – 1 Training ground
# 5 Archery Ranges – 4 barracks or siege or whatever – 1 Training ground

I tend to have one 9x troop manor and 1 or 2 5x troop.

I found that 5x work better specially if you made the same mistake I did chose you ultimate soldier both from the same type… (both archer in my case)

If you have ultimate from 2 different type of unit a 9x might be better since you all build like crazy at the same place and use your 6666 manor for extra resources especially if they give a +20% for one resources.

Resources Manors:

on 7777 field

turn you 2 extra spot us the same type of resources you have a bonus or to a resources you need (like if your pumping war elephant you need wood)

note that you can use one of the to spot for a extra ware house like in this picture :


on 6666 field

if you don’t turn this in a 5xtroop manor you can use the extra space to benefit from you resources bonus or build the resources you need like I said for the 7777 fields manors.


More guide from Koram Forum:
Guide for new player (basic information on what thing do)
Beginner guide 1
Beginner guide 2
Silver Manor guide
Optimal guide for having Silver
General tips from Faith (on koram forum)

I can across a game that looked good but the controls are so abysmal that I say arrrg lets just forget about it.

The name of that game is Dragon conquest and our quest for dragon supremacy start here at max game.


There 2 mode the conquest mode you customize your dragon and you after go in each region to fight other dragon. I don’t know what happen when you win since I never won a fight in that mode, but each day (try) the dragon in the regions get tougher and you don’t, so once you get beaten you must stop playing, pretty stupid I say.

There the arcade mode were you get a dragon and you pick a dragon to fight, this one the dragons can be actually beaten, I managed to win but once you won there nothing you just go back to the title screen.

Dragon fight


You see the bar at the top left corner you have a cursor moving in all the bar and it has to land in the black zone give a successful hit. The bar is moving so fast that is actually hard to land it there.

If you value life don’t try this game is pretty bad…

So you finished the tutorial, you just got your second manors but you’re saying ok but what should I do now.While they are a lot of good guide on the Clash of Kingdom forum but I though I should cook one of my own.


First steps get empire one to level 10


1- Get you capital manor and your first manor running.


For the capital you need 1 or 2 barrack to build carrier and maybe some early units to fight.
Build the matching resource on all bonus lot, get a granary and warehouse and all other build silver. Your first manors build only silver except on the bonus lot (for now).
You shouldn’t have any empty lot build residence (silver) everywhere.
Your goal is to level up empire of one has fast has possible.

2- Get some heroes


While you city is building and you have no silver to research empire one go to the tavern in the city interface and recruit some heroes. Try to use all your tips until you get a star hero, try to recruit all the heroes you can once you can’t tips the owner anymore.

3- Go to the Academy


While you are in the city interface go to the academy and take the best and brightest quiz and play bull eyes to get extra gems. The gem you get from there you can use them to build you city faster (in point 1)

4- Do some battle

From point 2 you are probably wondering why you should max you number of heroes, it’s simply to have them ready for historical battle & battle royal.
Since you get 10 k of each basic t1 troops in historical battle, battle royal you should use your heroes to rally those troops and fight the historical battle, battle royal.


Historical battle fight every fight until you realize your losing, from there fight the last fight you won or a fight that might give extra items like zhang jiao (fortitude scroll) or dong zhuo (rattan aegis shield scroll).


For battle royal, just the participation will give you 10x abyss gem and +1 tax license, so participate everyday.


With these reward you should be able to have the resources to build your manor.

Each time you’re levelling your empire one, you should build a new manor. Note that you shouldn’t over invest in manor that you think will get destroyed.
Once you get your empire one maxed you can focus on manor building and heroes, which will be my next article.

Other guide that worth a look :

Guide for new player (basic information on what thing do)

CoK Forum : Beginner guide 1

CoK Forum : Beginner guide 2