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Clash of Kingdom Review

I wrote awhile ago about Clash of Kingdom and promised you a nice review about the came.
Clash of Kingdom is another game about the historical  The Three Kingdoms  period (like Three Kingdom Online and Heroes of Three Kingdom) but the way the game is played is much more innovative that the previous one.
For most of you that come from a typical mmorts, clash of kingdom come with a fresh taste to it.


The main reason I love this game is the strong community sense to it, the perk to accelerate your manor development, the fact that if you lose a city to another kingdom you can rebuild it elsewhere.
When you start Clash of Kingdom your are given the choice of 6 kingdom, shao, ma, dong, meng, jiao and tao. If you’re joining a weaker kingdom of a server that recently started they might have some extra recruiting speed bonus and resources output bonus, but usually all kingdom start almost the same. You have to customize your main hero and after that your have a simple tutorial that shows you the basic of the game.


The tutorial show you the basic of the manor buiding and city development.
Manors are the equivalent of city/village in other mmorts with 3 majors difference :
It can only be built in city where you kingdom have conquered a city and you can only build if your rank is high enough, and the number of manor is dictated by your level of empire of one research.


Manor is your economic and military center, this is were you collect resources  and build unit.
You can create manor with every kind of building in it but it usually better to specialized you manor into one of the following : resources, silver or troops building.


The city is where you can improve your kingdom city, all the attribute of the city help all the player who have manor and troop in it, like improving the market help you get more silver from the residence in the city.
This is where you can recruit heroes, buy gear, and do various game to win some resources and xp.


For those who played Three Kingdom online know about the heroes but the heroes system in Clash of Kingdom is much more polished and historical heroes is available for everyone (gold and non-gold player)
Each heroes have a set of stats (power, leadership, intellect and power) that grow differently depending on the heroes and some heroes have a special abilities that increase the effect of some city command or increase the fighting power of some type of unit or that can be use on a battle field and cause more damage.

The kingdom is the center of the game, your main goal is to help your kingdom grabs the whole map. There are many ways to help your kingdom you can improve your kingdom cities, give to the landmark, give to your legion, participate to battle to grab new cities and to fight other kingdom, vote if (your in the top 70% of your kingdom) even run for premier if you’re in the top 50 of your kingdom.
The election system is pretty neat from what I saw in other mmorts game, the top 50 players can run for the premier and the top 70% player can vote for there premiers of there choice.

The premiers have the power to name other officer and the city governor. The officer can use special city and kingdom command to increase the effect of city development command and to increase attack when attacking cities.
The fight between kingdom can almost have an epic proportion, it’s can got up to million of soldiers fighting each other, heroes formation, skill, unit and settings can make a huge difference when fighting.  The battle takes place in a flash animated battle with all the troop deployed by individual players. Even if the battle is simulated, decision made by the player and kingdom prior the battles have a huge impact. Like if most of the other kingdom troop are set to attack the smallest and most of your kingdom target largest you will have a huge advantage on them even if they are in a larger army.


There much more in the game, there a bunch of sub game like bulleye and the quiz and other battles like historical battle and battle royal that you can do to receive more items without losing any troops.

If you liked other mmorts like Three kingdom online, Travian or Tribal war you should definitely give Clash of Kingdom a chance.

I watched the movie Thor this week and I loved it, so out of curiosity I wanted to check the web site. I try to never check the web site before actually see the movie just in case there some spoiler.

While browsing the web site I came across game that ends up being interesting.

They actually have two games but the other one is more something to destroy your web pages like Kick-Ass.

The is Hammer of the gods and the concept is quite simple, you have to throws Thor’s hammer at frost giant to kill them.

Look like thos is going to kill some frost giant

While the game it’s not that bad for a game that you play 15 minutes then you’re done, the controls are somewhat difficult. You have to click on the mouse then move it back (toward Thor) to set the power of the throw. But most of the time you click and nothing happen.

For some reason throwing the hammer is a pain, luckly you can finish the game in about 15 minutes

When you complete a stage you unlock picture of the character of the movie if you complete the stage with only 2 throws or less.


Once you completed a stage you might get a reward if you throw well.

Hope you enjoyed this one, but I got to say that the movie is much better than the game …

Something you got a urge to torture someone, the torture chamber succeed at torturing you.


It’s start with some bad midi and a suggestive title screen…

The concept is simple, you need to the guy until is health go to 0, you get point each time you inflict pain so the longer you torture the subject the more point you get.


The control are simple :

It’s ”q” and  “w” to increase and decrease the gravity

“a” and “s” to increase and decrease temperature

And “z” and “x” to move the room wall to squash you subject.


If you succeed on causing enough pain you might get a cool pain rank !

If you want to inflict yourself some pain go play that game, that probably where the game get it’s name.

The game is simple: do nothing…

Really !!  Thats what Idle. is about, doing nothing. You even level up after waiting for awhile…

Do you have the power to do nothing until your level 999 or you brain will blow up ...

It really boring, here the link :