1- Everybody have the same unit, kingdom, ability.

Everybody have the same unit has you there is no kingdom, town or tribes that can fit your playing style, it’s all the same. It can be a plus though, making all the player perfectly equal.

2- Time consuming when have more than 20+ villages

Like all MMORTS, but since it’s easy to get to 20+ villages, when you get there you can put/waste a lot of time on this game.

3- Boring the first week (nothing much to do)

No quest system and not much stuff to do the first week, some plundering once BP end but that’s it.

4- Not notified when BP end

Maybe it’s just me but I wasn’t notified when my BP ended

5- No quest

No quest/ tutorial bonus which gave a chance to have troupe at the beginning.
There a tutorial but it’s really basic and don’t give much.

6- Low Graphic quality

Graphic are pretty static compare to other game, the game is older though so that probably why.

7- More hardcore than other game of the genre

There seem to have more hardcore player than other game and they are pretty aggressive, since the only way to grab a city is to take someone else city, hardcore player seem to have no tolerance for noob.

8- No chat

It’s a pretty common feature that most game have but tribal war doesn’t have it.

Update : It’s does have a chat but you have to access it from the main page, there seem to be no in game chat.

That’s all,I hope you liked my like and dislike of tribal war. Don’t be afraid to comment what you liked or hated about the game.