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I found a really interesting widget yesterday at

Basicly you add the button on their pages in your bookmark and when you’re on another site you just click on the bookmark and a “spaceship” will appear and you can destroy everything on the site.

Some news, I’m probably out for october, I’ll try to check and awnser the comment but don’t expect new blog post. Note that in november I’ll post about each kingdom of TKO and I have some article coming for Lord of ultima, I’ve been really enjoying this game lately.

Koram have gone crazy, there now a new item (the Earth Seal) the turn a 15 farm field city in a 18 farm field city.

You’ve read it, 18 farm field ! That mean all the field of your city will be for food.

So what a 18 farm field city look like ?

Let’s do some math here :

level 20 farm = 4500/hr

Let compare the 15f vs a 18f (only 3 farmland more):

Base food output
4500 x 15farms = 67500/hr (excluding bonus)
4500 x 18farms = 81000/hr (excluding bonus)

Mill Bonus
67500 x 25%mill bonus = 16875 (15f)
81000 x 25%mill bonus = 20250 (18f)

16875 + 67500 = 84375/hr (15flag city total output excluding oasis and politic)
20250 + 81000 = 101250/hr (18flag city total output excluding oasis and politic)

with the 3 50% oasis = 150%
67500 x 150% = 101250 (15f)
81000 x 150% = 121500(18f)

101250 + 84375 =  185625 (w/o politic) (15f)
121500 + 101250 = 222750 food/hr (almost 40k more than the 15 flag city field)

Wow 222750 of standard food output…

If we keep the idea of a old post from the art of war, with some gold you can have some thing real nice
(original post here :

With emperor’s order (treasure bowl or token of rain), Cao cao, metal alchemy scroll and the level 10 league resource bonus you can boost you food output even more.
– emperor order provide 25% food bonus.
– Cao cao could provide another 30% food bonus because of his max 150 politic (base = 100 + 30 pol bonus generalissimo + 20 pol history of han) 
– Cao cao have a skill that increase food output by 25%
– league level 10 provide 10% bonus food output
– Metal Alchemy scroll give 5%

So  25% + 30% + 25% + 10% + 5% = 95% food bonus
222750 /hr x 95% = 211612.5/hr
222750 + 211612.5= 434362/hr

Note : that I don’t know if heroes can stack skill book with mid skill, if they can Cao Cao could have a farm skill to increase the food output even more.

Almost 450k of food per hours, with that and let say you go in the red by -150k you have a army of 600k soldier

Official news here

Note : you need to have like 10 three star epic hero to win the Earth Seal, so that mean a lot of gold …

Edit : Like Bazzz pointed out the bonus mid skill don’t stack so I modified the gold section.

Edit : Fixed the math wiht Morenzuul comment that the % bonus are always applied to your base output

EA released a patch for Lord of Ultima.

Nothing big but some usefull feature, like seeing all your citirs ressources at the same time.

Check it out (click here 🙂 )

1- Everybody have the same unit, kingdom, ability.

Everybody have the same unit has you there is no kingdom, town or tribes that can fit your playing style, it’s all the same. It can be a plus though, making all the player perfectly equal.

2- Time consuming when have more than 20+ villages

Like all MMORTS, but since it’s easy to get to 20+ villages, when you get there you can put/waste a lot of time on this game.

3- Boring the first week (nothing much to do)

No quest system and not much stuff to do the first week, some plundering once BP end but that’s it.

4- Not notified when BP end

Maybe it’s just me but I wasn’t notified when my BP ended

5- No quest

No quest/ tutorial bonus which gave a chance to have troupe at the beginning.
There a tutorial but it’s really basic and don’t give much.

6- Low Graphic quality

Graphic are pretty static compare to other game, the game is older though so that probably why.

7- More hardcore than other game of the genre

There seem to have more hardcore player than other game and they are pretty aggressive, since the only way to grab a city is to take someone else city, hardcore player seem to have no tolerance for noob.

8- No chat

It’s a pretty common feature that most game have but tribal war doesn’t have it.

Update : It’s does have a chat but you have to access it from the main page, there seem to be no in game chat.

That’s all,I hope you liked my like and dislike of tribal war. Don’t be afraid to comment what you liked or hated about the game.

If you like the game or you were think about trying it you can join on of the new servers that open this tuesday.

More info on the Lord of Ultima forum

1- Tribes Forum

The main strength of this game compare to other game is it forum.
It’s interface is really smooth, it’s integrated with the game and it’s easy to add in game links like a player, a village coordinate or a tribe.
The tribe forum can be shared with other tribe, which make it easy to communicate with your ally and sisters tribes. A feature that other game don’t have.

2- Rim

I like the idea of a second chance and the unique RIM feature is really neat for that.
When new players arrive or when a player lose all is villages they are placed around that main cluster far from the main cluster where all the action is happening.

3- Moral

Moral is a great way to help newbies or poor soul that have fallen to the RIM.
It’s give them the extra defense that might make bigger player leave them alone.

4- Cheap premium account compare to other game

the premium account is about 6$ (4 Euros) for a month compare to the gold system of TKO and travian that pretty cheap.

5- Can build the same building in queue

That always annoys me when I can`t upgrade the same building twice.

6- Each server have slightly different setting

That make you enjoy the game differently when you restart. Try new unit in one or make you think twice about your upgrade in another.

Cool tools

7- Battle calculator

There a in game battle calculator, really nice to see if you will win you fight or to check your potential casualties.

8- Noble planer

A recent add-on that tell your tribes mate which city your are going to take, the noble claim have a expiration date which remove the claim once the date arrive.

9- TW stats

TW stats is a awesome tool. To planing your attack or checking if a alliance make sense or just to check if a player stop growing this site give you all the tools for that.

10 – Everybody is equal (almost)

The premium account give a edge but not that much compare to what it give in other games. Everybody have the same unit.
You can still be unlucky and start surrounded by a really strong tribes or warmongers.