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Website redesign

The site is not acquiring a lot of visitor recently so I decided to try new theme on it, so expect the site to change from day to day.
I’ll probably create a twitter account to have some follower come in and interact more directly.
If you have any suggestions don’t be afraid to leave them in a comment.

Ultimate server 1

On the 24 of june Koram merged 3 server that the emperor road was complete and created a super servers.
They merged Serve 5, 8 and 9 together into a server named ultimate server 1, they removed the inactive and removed the serve when the migration was done.

I went there and it look pretty pack, those lucky enough to have a county on there server have them turn in special city.

Look how it look like

u1 Packed cities

You can follow this link for the announcement and the term of the merged at this link :

Now that s1-2 and 3 have a emperor we’ll probably see a server merge of those three soon enough.

It’s seem that a lot of player are extremely aggressive when it comes to farming.

Sometime they do hit abusively and attack poor souls that are actually playing.

While plundering is at the essence of the game they’re usually way to plunder and still not ruin everybody fun.

Here a few tips to plunder like a gentlemen

  1. First send a message to the guy you want to plunder just to check if the’re still active
  2. if there is no response after 3 day or 1 week you can now plunder him
  3. If the user haven’t grow for a while (one week at least) you might start earlier but it’s always better to send a message before
  4. if the player come back and send you a mail, stop and even offer him some support.
  5. If there have a population lower than 50 the previous point doesn’t apply. Its really easy to have at least 150-200 of population within the end of beginner protection, so if they come complain about your attacks, tell them to go play another server.

After countless copy of the original game and civilisation wannabe, the real guy (Sid Meier) behind civilization has announced that civilization on facebook is coming and will be called civilization network.

I just hope that the game will have all the fun stuff of the original and less non stop clicking of the copycat ans other web browser game that ressemble to the original civilisation.

Here the article on IGN and if you want to have a shot at the private beta, you have go to facebook and become a fan of the new civilization game civilization network and if your lucky you might get pick to try the game.

Here a preview from the facebook fan page of what the city will look like :

Note, it seem the article was in 2009 and we’re in 2010 and the private beta haven’t started yet, anybody know more about this ?