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A Interview on gamasutra really caught my attention it’s about The Rise of Free-To-Play At EA

EA have a brand new game that inspired from game like tribal war and travian but set in the world of ultima (Lord of Ultima) and gamasutra interviwing Ben Cousins general manager of Electronic Arts’ new free-to-play team

I really like that it takes on game I’ve played like tribal war, travian (TKO is kind of a travian asian style), why people play and don’t play evony (one of the reason he says Is actually why I don’t play). The part I liked the most is when he talk about how the small shops are scared that EA is entering the free to play with a somewhat big development team (5-6 peoples 10 month).

I think I will give a shot to there game, I just hope It’s not another time sink like TKO, Tirbal war and countless others… Here the complete article called : Interview: The Rise of Free-To-Play At EA

The art of war is over and it seem that I’ve won the first prize!
They were some great post by other players, here some of my favorite :
What city/cities to place your mansion or annexe.
Great guide to have a city of 400000 k of troops.

How to defend your city:

General guide by Chris soon
It’s cover pretty much everything

Guide per kingdom and a good intake on each unit of all the kingdom

Great spreadsheet with the analysis of each kingdom

Hope it’s help and happy TKOing.