There on new contest going on the the TKO Koramgame forum called the Art of War.
The contest start the first of april and end the first of may. The rule are simple, you have to submit a article that cover one of the topic listed .



Where to place a new city.
What city/cities to place your mansion or annex.
What order to build city structures in.
What city structures are useless after a certain time. (Part 1 and part 2)
Using the best strategy that is suited for each kingdom.



Is one resource more valued over others in a certain kingdom?
Managing resources effectively to maximize army potential.
Is there a best order to upgrading resources/units?
Is it worth your time and effort to capture a capital city and why?
How to stack resource bonuses for maximum effectiveness.
How to effectively manage your food supply.



Hero progression, should he/she be a str/ldr/pol/int hero?
How to make a “super hero” from stacking abilities and scrolls.
How to win the Warrior’s Tournament.



How to defend a city successfully.
What units give the best defense? Is upgrading your armorsmith effective?
Supporting another city



How to build a large army and support it.
How to use rams/demolishers effectively.
What units to recruit first.

I’ve already some article about some of the topic but the contest certainly give me idea to write some new articles. If you want to check it out, participate or use those tips to crush your oponent you can go here.