I’ve read a really interesting blog post on how to make money playing game online

Quick review

He is basically talking about three common way to make money online playing game and he not talking about the probably most known way which is playing online poker.

1- Earn Money via game prize

There are web site that will give you money for high prize in certain game. They usually earn money through advertising so giving away prize is not a problem for them.

2- Game Lauch and Game competition

Gaming company sometime have a competition to launch a new game version and give out prize for those who participate and the winner.

3- Share the love (or in other word blog / tweet /talk about it)

The final way to make money playing games online is to start a blog or website that reviews the games you play. I am kind of doing that right now but I haven’t put any real ads yet, but that probably because I’m a lazy bastard.

It’s unfortunate that he don’t give that much link. Anyway I hope it was usefull for you. He forget on though that you can get money via get paid to site (GPT site) like Cash Crate or Treasure Trooper. You can register to a offer sometime it’s free sometime you have to pay but they give you money for the offer so you migth have to pay 10$ but they give you 60$ of real money to play with. He don’t talk about poker either where poeple litaraly can live with the money they are making there, but that probably another story for another blog post maybe.

I’ll try to check on some of them for you if any of you are interested. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment or mail me.